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Yet again, this is not the post advertised in last week’s post. This time, I have a very good reason for not doing so. It seems that knuckle head behaviour has struck yet again, this time in Arizona when a teacher was fired for sticking up for a pupil who was being bullied. For more details of the story click the link: http://www.kpho.com/story/26683767/racially-bullied-student-talks-about-fired-teacher-sticking-up-for-him


This particular case goes very well with the thread I’m doing at the moment. I have had my own experiences where teachers’ actions have influenced the bullying of a child and have highlighted it in mine and other books about bullying but this case takes the biscuit. The boy in question, like Mark in “He Was Weird,” was bullied from the first day he started his new school. He tried to address it but the school staff didn’t seem that bothered and as a result, the bullying worsened. Then a teacher goes and attempts to help the bullied child and she is the one who is fired for using threatening language. It was never clear the words the teacher used in this instance, so where’s the proof?

What this does is send a clear signal to bullies in that school that they can do whatever they like to make another child’s life a complete misery because if a teacher steps in to help, the teacher will be the one in trouble. Furthermore, it will make a teacher think twice about dealing with bullying incidents out of fear for their career. That school should hang its head in shame and the union should fight the case all the way to the state supreme court.

Another important point I have left until now is the fact that the bullied child was black and the bullies where white. The bullying included many racial slurs aimed at the child. The fact that the bullying was racially motivated makes it even worse. Now before I get swamped with responses from a few ignorant white people citing all sorts of instances where white children have been bullied by black ones; let me say that I condemn all bullying no matter who is the giver or receiver of it. Bullying sucks, period. Since this was a school with predominantly white pupils, the incident makes the school look racist. In fact, this goes straight back to the 1950s.

I surely hope common sense prevails here and the teacher is vindicated and allowed to teach elsewhere. I wouldn’t teach at that school again if it had been me. Best yet, I hope the teacher gets zillions in compensation. I have shown that teachers’ actions can sometimes influence pupil bullying but it is also the teacher’s duty to detect and stop bullying whenever it occurs in any school. This tragic case of a teacher getting fired for doing just that is completely wrong.

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