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Some might say that I’m having an Asperger’s type moment and I wouldn’t debate you on this. My problem is that I started a series of posts teachers encouraging bullying and already, I had posted about my own experiences in regard to this and those experienced by Peter Houghton in Jodi Picoult’s novel “19 Minutes.” I have every intention to carry own with the thread and although last week’s post, “Another Victory For the Bullies” wasn’t officially part of the series, it certainly related to the thread. Now, some events have come up in the recent weeks that had me wondering what to do.

See, in the world of Michael, (that’s me for those who didn’t already know) this spanner in the works had my brain housing group spinning as to what to do. I could carry one with the thread I am currently posting on as there were three more posts to write in it but if I did that, I might forget to post on the developments happening now and they would be lost. The alternative would be to post the developments but I then worry about the lack of continuity in the thread and readers might get annoyed about it.

Most people would easily choose one or the other and have good logical reasons, at least in their own mind, about their choice. The worry with me, as with many who suffer with Asperger’s Syndrome is more the consequences of their choice. The dilemma is too great and whatever they choose, the choice is going to be wrong. That’s me in a nutshell. Worse for me is that my mind brings variables into the argument that might not even be there. That’s why I am convinced I have DAMP. DAMP sufferers perceive the world different than your average person. I know many instances from my past that some things that seemed very logical to me, seemed foolhardy to many other people and the thought of this creates extreme anxiety within me.

You’re probably wondering what event is so different that I would worry about the whole thing. To most people, this would seem like nothing but to me, it is a big deal. See, next week, I’m going to the USA for two weeks. I haven’t seen my mother, brother and sister for eight years and my mother’s accident at Christmas time was sort of a wake up call for me. My sister has been running around for her and I thought my visit would give her a break as well. Plus, I have two nieces and a nephew I’ve never met. I have some other activities on the agenda as well. One of these is the opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do since I have been officiating American football in the UK. Bearing anything unforseen, I will be officiating some high school games and I’m looking forward to that. Another and being an American male, I’m a little ashamed to admit this but I have never been to a live NFL game. If the Philadelphia Eagles are at home either of the two Sundays I’m there. I hope to go to the game. If I get to do one of both, this would lead to a second post of things I would still want to do, some of which you might find interesting or at least amusing.


In my mind, I hear some of you shouting, “Listen to your instincts!” but my problem is that I don’t trust my instincts. Right now, they are telling me to post about my experiences and carry on with the teachers encouraging bullying thread after. This is supported by the fact that I may not have access to a computer whilst I’m in the States so the continuity is already broken. Taking a deep breath, I am going to go with my instincts, I just hope I can drown out the other side of my mind telling me I’m making a mistake. BTW, in “He Was Weird,” Mark has a very big debate inside his mind.

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