Two Songs Titled “Handful of Rain”- The Second One

The lyrics for this song were supplied by one of the greatest prog metal bands of all time, Savatage.

Wash you women in your whiskey

When your future’s in the past

And you’re staring up at heaven

From the bottom of a glass

And you need some insulation

From the years that you have lost

And you feel the perspiration

As you’re adding up the cost

On the night rolls on like a slow moving train

And the soul cries out for a handful of rain.


Things That Prove My Insanity: Religion and Life on Mars


Having been raised in a strong Christian household, it is only natural that religious arguments creep into my theories about life on other planets. Some faiths argue that we are alone in the universe but I don’t agree with this. It’s hard for me to believe that in this infinite universe, the only life there is just happens to be on this small blue planet. No, my mind hasn’t been corrupted by Satan, I arrived at this conclusion during my heavy religious days. However, during my decade with the Mormons, it is that faith that best coincides with my belief. Mormons believe that many worlds have come and gone before our world was created and many more will do the same after our world has passed. I believe that there are many peopled worlds out there right now, though I highly doubt we will make contact with them. FFI read my post:

Take my previous post on life on Venus. Who is to say that the planet wasn’t once a thriving world which eventually passed away before the building blocks of life became available on Earth? Besides, if I was God, I might think that with the ever increasing heat of the Sun, simply have one planet be born and thrive and when that planet dies, move onto the next one as the Sun gets hotter. It just makes the creation job easier. That brings me to the crux of this post. My theory is that the Sun’s heat will continue to increase and eventually our world will die and the building blocks for life will pass onto the next planet, Mars.

Of course, there are complications to my theory since the Martian atmosphere is evaporating away. Here’s where science fiction can become reality. Mars’s atmosphere is mainly carbon dioxide and little free oxygen. Therefore, as the carbon dioxide evaporates away, the Sun heats the planet in such a way that when it warms up enough, oxygen somehow develops in the air and eventually life is established on Mars. By the time human life occurs on Mars and they develop the tools to see into the stars, Earth will be like Venus is now. A hot hell hole with a poisonous atmosphere and no life.

Thanks to the encouragement of two people who actually read my post about life on Venus, I might write that novel about two spaceships taking off in their own time and landing on the other’s planet, thinking it’s their own. A great end to the story is that two more rockets take off, only the other one blasts off from Mars a few billion years in the future. It does lead to a sequel if enough people like the first story.

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Things That Prove My Insanity- Life on Venus


Planet Venus

Like with so many people with Asperger’s Syndrome, I have interests which lay dormant in my brain but come to the surface from time to time. Recently, a current television show called “The Planets” has triggered my interest in the planets of our solar system. Note: there was another series called “Planets” in 1999, which I watched and loved but is now out of date. In that series, the Cassini Probe was only two years into its mission to Saturn. After orbiting the planet for thirteen years, the probe ran out of fuel and disappeared into Saturn’s dense atmosphere in 2016.

The first episode of this new series of “The Planets” focused on the four inner planets, Venus and Mercury especially. What caught my inquiring mind was the programme said that the Sun started out a lot cooler than what it is now and it will only get hotter as time passes. Billions of years ago, the Sun had a temperature that made it possible for Venus to have a more temperate atmosphere and oceans as well. Now for the bit which proves my insanity.

If Venus was capable of such a climate, then wouldn’t it have been possible for the planet to have sustained life? Animal, plant and even human life could have been possible. This is my hypothesis: That billions of years ago, there was human life on Venus, long before any signs of life came about on our Earth. Like our time, humans built civilizations, had wars and like so many humans today, stripped the planet of its resources, and fouled the water and the air. The high levels of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases on the planet gives a hint of this possibility. While science may shoot me down, I can’t help thinking that Venus was once an inhabited planet which simply passed away a few billion years ago. Then as the Sun got hotter, Venus became inhabitable and that same increased heat made it possible for those same conditions for life on Earth. Why not?

Being a writer, my insanity has also given me an idea for a future book. Billions of years ago, a manned rocket blasts off from Venus into space. Yes, people on Venus would have had the same curiosity about space exploration as we do. In the near future, a rocket blasts off from Earth. Both spacecrafts get sucked into a black hole of sorts and after a bumpy ride, return to what they think is their planet. However, it’s the other craft’s planet. The Venusian ship lands on Earth in modern times and the Earthling ship lands on Venus billions of years ago. Astronauts from both ships discover that somehow they are on the wrong planet and both are determined to get back to their own planet and time. Of course, the populations of the planets they are now on think these astronauts must have gone crazy whilst in space, thus adding an interesting dimension to the story. What do you think? Does it sound like a good story or am I being insane?

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Got the Blahs


Marilyn Manson- He didn’t inspire Mark in He Was Weird

We’ve all had these days when we want to do wonders and miracles but when it comes right down to it, we just can’t be bothered. That is exactly how I have been today. When I got home from work this afternoon, I was determined to make another post about my disillusionment with the left. However, after a 24 hour shift and then taking advantage of a break in the British weather where I got a lot of gardening work done. Now, I just don’t feel like writing such an ambitious post.

The other side of my Asperger’s mind is making another suggestion. The post in question was going to be based on racism and how the left is quick to brand anyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist. This subject has always been an anxiety producing hot potato in my mind because some of my own personal experiences in this area have come into conflict with some of my left wing beliefs in that same area. The extreme contradictions in the two camps, in fact, has triggered a war inside my head. FFI, you can read this post:

Therefore, I’m just going to leave with these thoughts. I believe that any race can be a perpetrator or a victim of racist acts. Unfortunately, just saying that will be enough for some on the left to say I’m racist. Saying that, I will say this to white people who, like me, at one time, drone on about reverse racism. This thought comes from a white South African who said that the best way to get rid of reverse racism is to eradicate the racism which brought it about in the first place. He makes a good point.

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