There’s Still Too Much Sexism in Sports

A few weeks ago, I asked a question on the Quora site, which is a site for asking questions, should female beach volley ball players, tennis players and gymnasts be allowed to play in more modest clothing. In response, I was bombarded with answers, all from men, all tearing me down over my question. The very first response asked me “What is your problem?” I responded that I have no problem and pointed out that there are many feminist and religious groups who feel female athletes shouldn’t show so much flesh when they compete. In other responses, I received photos. One was the Swedish female beach volley ball team wearing a one piece outfit and the respondent stated he saw no problem. I responded, “Neither did I.” Another responses was a photo of the Egyptian female beach volleyball team who were in a full body covering one piece outfit. I pointed out that there were those who think all female players should dress like that. Another guy sent me a photo of a women’s tennis team from 1907 where they were all in full length skirts and asked me if I thought all female tennis players should dress like that. I responded no but they should be allowed to wear shirt and shorts like the men.

To further illustrate the point I’m trying to make, I’m going to show photos of men and women in the same sports. Take note of how they are dressed for their chosen sports.

men’s beach volleyball
women’s beach volleyball
male tennis player
female player
men’s gymnastics
women’s gymnastics

Do you see what I mean? The male participants are allowed to wear long shorts or even long trousers while women have to play in tiny skirts, bikinis or tight body stockings. To counter one possible response that it might aid in playing the game. Well, the men seem to play okay in their more modest clothing. Now, I have saved the best response to my question for here. One man stated that because women don’t have the same power or ability as the men, there needs to be something for which to get people to watch women play their sports. Therefore, the less modest clothing because men will not watch them otherwise. So, we need to further objectify women just so men will watch them playing sports? I don’t think so.

While it’s mere coincidence, shortly after I asked that question, there was big news over the Norwegian women’s handball team being fined because they decided to play in shorts as opposed to bikini bottoms. Many women have come out in support of them and singer Pink has offered to pay their fine for them. It seems that women are fed up of being objectified when they are meant to be serious sports contenders. Of course, there was a comeback from the men. One British columnist said it was right for the Norwegian team to be fined because if they, “yawn,” didn’t play in bikinis, no one would want to watch them. My question is, wouldn’t women still want to watch them? Don’t they matter?

Norwegian women’s beach handball team were fined for wearing this.
They were supposed to wear this.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with what they are wearing in the top picture and I am sure that the men wear something similar when they compete. That is my point, in the age of equality, there should be no separate rules as to what men and women should wear when they compete. One exception could be beach volleyball where if women should have to play in bikinis, men should have to play in speedos. Before the ignorant start branding me a ‘homo,’ let me point out that a multi-million dollar business functions on two men in speedos rolling around a 16 square foot ring with the objective of lying across the other man for three seconds. Let me ask, which do you think is more homoerotic?

Okay, I admit as a man, seeing these female athletes dressed in the way they are at the moment does get the blood flowing a little. I’m stating this to counter anyone who decided to attack my sexuality. However, it’s not up to what I or any other man thinks. Women should be allowed to wear the clothing that helps them to best play their sports at the best of their abilities, not to please men. I do know of an opposite occurrence involving a female para-lympic sprinter who was told off for running in a bikini bottoms instead of shorts. Before anyone calls me hypocrite, the sprinter said those bottoms helped her run faster and if the skimpy outfits women have to wear helps them in the sport, then fine. Otherwise, those outfits are just there for the pleasure of men.

This post has me thinking about an ancient post on a similar topic. If you want to read, click the link:

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Song Lyrics Quotes: Metal Church and Slipnot

I’ll just need a sample because no one says it’s wrong

It’s so easy to rip off using someone else’s song

Everybody wants to be a star in modern days

But if I don’t have talent, I’ll just get by this way

Changing programs faster than I dare to say

Musicians all make mistakes, who needs them anyway?

One make some money, two over expose

Sincerity is felt much more when the human factor shows.

Lyrics from “The Human Factor” by Metal Church and is in memory of former singer Mike Howe who passed away this week.

Wait and bleed!

Song by Slipnot and is in memory of founding member and drummer, Joey Jordison who also passed away this week.

Joey Jordison
Mike Howe

Rest in peace Joey Jordison and Mike Howe

Things Which Prove My Insanity: Idea For a New Horror Movie


That’s right, the idea for the new horror film is “Chucky vs. Anabelle” and here’s my idea so far. An eight year old girl loves collecting various sorts of dolls. Eventually, through means I haven’t decided yet, the girl adds both Chucky and Anabelle to her doll collection. The combined influences of both dolls drive the girl mad to the point where she murders her family. Then when her best friend calls, the girl is horrible to her and drives her away. Eventually, Chucky’s and Anabelle’s control over the girl becomes a rivalry as both want to claim her soul for their own. As a result, a war between Chucky and Anabelle begins and both dolls find allies with the other dolls in the girl’s collection. So we have massive doll fights and eventually the big showdown between the two chief dolls, although neither one prevails. Meanwhile, the rivalry takes it’s toll on the girl and she ends up a crumpled heap of insanity in the corner.

Of course, there has to be a happy ending and it comes when the spurned friend enters the house and sees all the carnage caused by the doll war and the state her friend is in. She tells her father who calls the police and other relevant authorities and of course we have the minister who is well versed in the occult on the scene as well. The girl is ‘rescued,’ Chucky and Anabelle are taken by the minister and are burned and more gruesome discoveries are made. And as per norm in a horror film, there is a hint of a possible sequel at the end.

While this is just the ramblings of a weird imagination, there could be scope for such a film. I would love to see the special effects on how they get the dolls to fight. Furthermore, I realize that this might be more of a comedy horror film than one in the traditional sense. Still, I would be interested in what people thought of the ideas.

On another note: I am off on a babysitting holiday for the next week. My wife and I are going to Cleethorpes to look after my stepdaughter’s two daughters while she, her husband and her twin sister go to a festival for the weekend. We got several activities planned and my two step granddaughters are looking forward to my American pancakes. So, I bid you all a good week.

Literary Shooter’s Female Fan Club- Rupture

Back from last week’s post where I had my rant about racism in sports, I can now conclude the segment on female followers of school shooters in literature. My final post on the subject comes in the form of “Rupture” by Simon Lelic. While the story is about a school shooting, “Rupture” is different to the other ones I have covered in several ways. The most obvious one is the fact that the story takes place in Great Britain. I find this rather amusing as many people in Britain think such a thing could never happen there. The other big difference is that the shooting is carried out by a teacher, who shoots dead two pupils, wounds another and kills another teacher before turning the gun on himself.

Samuel Szajikowski is a mild mannered teacher taking up his first post at a North London secondary school. Almost from the first day, he is the focus of bullying by both teachers and pupils. When Samuel reaches out for help, the school administration offers none, even when his bicycle is vandalized and his briefcase is defecated in. Even when two pupils break his leg in a teacher pupil soccer game, nothing is done. Plus he is bullied by another teacher who is always playing ‘practical jokes’ on him. Therefore, by the end of the year, it is little wonder he goes into a school assembly with a gun and opens fire.

Even in the UK, when news of the shooting hits the papers and even though Samuel is dead, he would still have a following of females. There would be ladies out there who would say that they understood him and would have supported him through the hell he was going through at the school. Like so many women who go for men of questionable reputation, they would believe that they would be the one to change him. Of course, Samuel wasn’t a thug, though the police and media painted him out to be such. He was a victim of terrible bullying and had no support system from those who were supposed to be looking out for him. A lot of women would have sympathized with him for that despite how he got his revenge.

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Interrupting to Have a Rant!

First, commiserations to the England soccer team. They were beaten in the European Cup final by Italy. The match ended 1-1 after 90 minutes. Then, after 30 minutes of a scoreless extra time, the game went to a penalty shoot out which Italy won 3-2. Here’s where things get ugly. It was noticed that both of the England players who scored on their penalty kicks were white while the three who missed their kicks were black. Since the game ended, these three players were the victims of some very vile racist abuse. There is no place in sport of life in general for anyone to hurl racist abuse at another person for any reason. The fact that these players were black was not the reason they missed their kicks. A more plausible reason was the fact that these were all young men, the final penalty taker was only 19. That much pressure on such a young person would definitely have an effect.

2004 US Olympic Basketball Team

Even before I learned of the racist abuse, my thoughts went back to the US basketball team in the 2004 Olympics. As the world knows, with the NBA players, the US dominates the sport and except on three occasions, including this one, brings home the gold medal. However, not only did the US fail to win gold, (they won bronze), in 2004, they lost three games, more than all of their previous losses in all the Olympics combined. Like with the England team, the racists in the US came out to condemn the team. What I heard most commonly said was that black athletes don’t care about playing for their country and they are only in it for themselves. Further comments went onto say that these players want to enjoy the lavish lifestyle which they were able to obtain on account of their basketball skills but not the responsibility of representing their country. Fortunately, at the time, social media wasn’t common so at least the US players were spared having racist insults hurled at them on Facebook and Twitter. If they had been playing these days, they certainly would have.

Athletes of African origin have made major contributions to the sporting successes of the the USA and the UK. When an individual athlete or a team bring glory to their country, they are praised. Their race doesn’t enter into it. One sidetracking note for white people ready to cry about reverse racism, I remember a lot of blacks cheering on the 1980 US Olympic ice hockey team to victory. However, when a black athlete doesn’t bring home the trophy, some white racists think it’s perfectly okay to racially abuse these people on account of their perceived failure. They may be athletes but they are also human and no one, absolutely no one, should be subjected to any abuse on account of their race.

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Song Lyrics Quote for Independence Day: Team America- Freedom Isn’t Free

What would you do if someone told you to fight for freedom?

Would you answer the call

Or run away like a little pussy?

Because the only reason why you’re here

Is because folks died for you in the past

So maybe now it’s your turn

To die kickin’ some ass

Cause freedom isn’t free, it cost folks like you and me

And if we don’t all chip in

We’ll never pay that bill.

Freedom isn’t free, no there’s a hefty fuckin’ fee

And if you don’t throw in you buck-o-five who will?

Also congratulations to the England soccer team for its 4-0 victory over Ukraine. Good luck in the semi finals!