He Was Weird 2: Chapter 2- Back to School, Part 1


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Chapter 2: Back to School

Summer wasn’t spectacular but it was far better than being in school. He might not have gone anywhere exotic, his family were of modest means but living in Ramsgate provided him with the opportunity to go to the beach whenever he wanted. Furthermore, he didn’t have to worry about crowds like in the old days. That was one positive about the Tye School shooting. Even ten years on, summer tourism had significantly declined and looked like it was never going to recover. The town was now looking for other ways to stimulate its economy, not that any of it mattered to Sean. At least for him, he didn’t have to see any of those kids who picked on him.

Unfortunately, summer was now over and he was going back to the hell of school. Like he did every day, Sean took a deep breath before entering the school gates of Bernard A. Tye Middle School. Once through, he scanned the playground looking for his friend Jeremy and the bullies to avoid. He couldn’t see Jeremy but he did see the bullies. All of them were in a crowd near the school building so it was easy to escape their notice. At least until he had to go in.

His first day of school wasn’t too bad. Of the three bullies who had targeted him on the last day of school, only one was in his class. That happpened to be the tall Timi Pizano who merely held him so his buddy, the shorter Eddie Greenblatt, could abuse him properly. “Maybe the school year wasn’t going to be so bad,” Sean thought to himself as he walked out of the school gate.

Suddenly, he felt a strong hand shove him forward. Barely able to maintain his balance, Sean turned to see the same three boys from the Remembrance Service. Tim and the other boy, John Miller, grabbed him. They held Sean tight as Eddie stuck a thick index finger to Sean’s nose. “Your girlfriend isn’t here to save you now.” he snarled.

“That’s right,” John added from behind Sean. “I heard the cops tell her that if she ever comes back, they will throw her in jail.”

“Yeah!” Eddie parroted. “You got no one to save you now.” With that, he punched Sean very hard in the gut. If it hadn’t been for the other two holding him upright, Sean would have doubled over. Instead, he had to take the pain. The small crowd, which was gathering around to view events, only encouraged the bullies further. Giving Sean a slap across the face, Eddie warned, “We don’t like weirdos around here so stop being weird or we will do this to you every day.”

The bullies then let their target go, much to the sniggers of the onlookers. Sean, on the other hand, didn’t find anything amusing about it. He had been humiliated before but now it seemed that Eddie and his two henchmen were not only going to carry on the bullying from sixth grade, they were going to increase it in seventh grade. He was beginning to understand why that Leversee kid shot up the school.

Song Lyrics Quote: Aerosmith- Dream On


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Half my life’s in books’ written pages

Storing facts learned from fools and from sages

You view the earth

Oh, sing with me this mornful dub

Sing with me, sing for a year

Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear

Sing with me, if it’s just for today

Maybe tomorrow, the good lord will take you away.

The Autistic Stick


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I’ve just return from a three day client holiday as part of my job working with adults with Autism. For the purpose of this post and any future posts I write involving these two clients, I shall refer to them as Henry and Henrietta. Note: Henrietta is the only female service user with the company and while that has never been a problem with me, some of my female colleagues have born the brunt of her outbursts due to her Autistic needs. However, the idea for today’s post comes as a result of an observation on Henry.

One great thing about taking these two on holiday is that most activities usually work out for both of them. If any planned activity involves a fairly long ride in the car, Henry is happy and as for Henrietta, if the end of the journey results in a stop at a cafe so she can have a hot drink, then she is happy. This formula worked very well throughout the three days.

My observation came today as we were planning to make our return. While eating breakfast at a local supermarket restaurant, Henry, out of the blue, stated that he wanted to go to the local Marks and Spencer’s. I explained to him that as we were heading home and going there would mean backtracking on ourselves. I also told him that we could stop at a better Mark’s and Spencer on the way home. For all my reasoning, Henry kept repeating that he wanted to go to the local Marks and Spencer, it seemed as if his mind was stuck. In the end, after our breakfasts were finished, we all just got in the car and headed back. I expected some sort of kick off from Henry but he didn’t. We did stop and go to the bigger store and this made Henry content.

What Henry did is not out of the ordinary when it comes to people with Autism. When they get a certain idea in their minds, that mindset is stuck and there is nothing that is going to alter it. It is as if someone has hit the pause or repeat button inside their minds. I know this for a fact because there were times in my life where my mind got stuck. Unfortunately, people handled it the wrong way. Usually by belittling me or even threats of violence instead of, like in the case of Henry, and I’m not patting myself on the back here, patience and understanding.

Shameless link to “He Was Weird”: There were a couple of minor instances in the story where this has happened although I don’t know if I convey it well enough. My experiences with the teacher whom I based the Miss Erichetti character on was the worst in this realm and her way of dealing with it was to humiliate me in front of the class. Even more so than the character does to Mark in the story.

People with Autism who experience this aren’t being stupid or anything like it. It’s a tick which inside their mind which causes it to stick. When it happens, what is needed is patience and understanding.

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My Wrestling-Bullying Link


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Loxliegh vs Autumn Rose

Since my first post about women’s wrestling last summer, I have written scripts for a number of matches and part wrote a few more. While I have given my favourite wrestler, Eva, a few victories, my thoughts turn to another wrestler, Autumn Rose. She is the one on the losing end of the above photo and is classed by the wrestling promotion as a ‘jobber.’ That means, she loses a lot. Naturally, me being me, it has given me thoughts towards bullying and the experiences I had with it and with watching wrestling as a youth.

Eva, she wins more now thanks to me.

I loved watching wrestling growing up as a young boy and even as a teen and a young adult. However, what put me off watching wrestling on Saturday TV was that it was always a known heel or face against the jobber. Saturday after Saturday, I watched jobbers getting thrown around the ring, having pain inflicted on them until, eventually, they were either pinned or made to submit. The ‘main event’ on the programme was a star against a jobber who won every now and then. At least that jobber got to do some offensive moves. This got boring after many years and why I stopped watching Saturday wrestling on TV.

My first experience with the jobber, Autumn Rose, was when I was asked to partially write some of the script of her match, which was pointed out that she would be dominated and lose. Reflecting on my past experiences in this realm, I asked if I could give Autumn a couple of offensive moves and was allowed to do so. The match wasn’t quite so one-sided then. This wasn’t the only match with Autumn I wrote or part wrote. In the match in the picture above, I wrote the part where Autumn wins the first fall, although she pretty much gets dominated for the rest of the match. One match I wrote, which I am quite proud of, Autumn loses the match but not before giving her opponent a bit of a butt kicking first.

Seeing jobbers get dominated has me thinking about my own past with my experiences with bullying. While I know it’s scripted, it could be said that jobber wrestlers are bullying targets because they are made to lose all the time. Okay, this might look extreme, but it has resulted in my decision to write scripts giving known jobbers victories. The idea actually came by accident. Recently, the promoter of the wrestling group asked if anyone would be willing to write a script between two featured wrestlers, not Eva or Autumn by the way. I volunteered and wrote a script, which was accepted and I was told that my proposed winner for the match was glad she was getting a victory. That got me thinking that maybe I should write more victories for jobbers, which I will do in the future.

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Virginia School Shooting, Update


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NEWPORT NEWS, VA – JANUARY 07: Police tape hangs from a sign post outside Richneck Elementary School following a shooting on January 7, 2023 in Newport News, Virginia. A 6-year-old student was taken into custody after reportedly shooting a teacher during an altercation in a classroom at Richneck Elementary School on Friday. The teacher, a woman in her 30s, suffered “life-threatening” injuries and remains in critical condition, according to police reports. (Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images)

In the latest news on the school shooting which occurred in Newport News, Virginia in January, where a six year old child shot their teacher, the child will not be charged. For certain, this news will stir up much debate. However, for my two cents, I think it’s the right decision. A six year old doesn’t understand the full consequences of their action and that throwing that child in prison for the rest of their natural will not benefit anyone.

What concerns me is that the local district attorney hasn’t decided whether or not to charge anyone else. It clear that the mother, who legally bought the gun, was negligent in not securing it properly. How else would a six year old child find a gun? From my own experiences in the Marines, I was threatened with going to jail in boot camp for not securing my rifle. I see their point. The article also states that the school’s superintendent was dismissed shortly after. Should that person face criminal charges? I need more detail.

As for the gun debate, I have already made my thoughts known on this clear in previous posts. Therefore, I won’t make them today. But the question is that what kind of society are we when things like this can happen? Saying that, recent news shows that mass shootings are no longer an American thing. Last night, a gunman in Hamburg, Germany went into a Kingdom Hall for Jehovah’s Witnesses and shot several people dead and wounded several more. Even though the gunman was an adult, I still think such an occurrence, wherever and whenever they happen are a frightening indication of what the world is becoming.

FFI about the German shooting: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/03/09/world/europe/hamburg-shooting.html

Outline for He Was Weird 2


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Thanks to readers of Peaceful Rampage and feedback I have received on Facebook, I have decided to carry on with writing a sequel to “He Was Weird.” Note, I haven’t completely decided to call it “He Was Weird 2” and a friend suggested I call it “He Was Weirder.” For now though, I’ll stick with the title until if and when I come up with a better one. The main obstacle is because this was a recent idea, I haven’t thought the entire story through. Therefore, I will use this post to provide a brief outline for the story.

In chapter one, which has been already written, you can go back and read it, but it’s in three parts, we meet the story’s protagonist, Sean Vandeventer. In the opening paragraphs, we see that he is a victim of bullying with the same lack of support which Mark Leversee had in the first “He Was Weird.” Teachers see him not doing the right thing but somehow miss out the bullying. Since this occurs during the Remembrance Service commemorating the tenth anniversary of Mark’s shooting, Sean begins to see similarities between what Mark went through and what he is going through.

For Sean, life after the service doesn’t really improve. He gets bullied for the rest of the time in junior high school and some in high school. The city of Ramsgate is more worried about another shooting more than what he is suffering. Furthermore, most people embrace the words of a so- called expert who says that all school shooters play the bullying card. As long as there is no threat of a gun being used, the city of Ramsgate is happy to turn a blind eye to any bullying, especially if it’s being carried out by jocks or other ‘popular’ kids.

Later in the story, Sean sets off alarm bells in high school when he declares that he wants to join the Marines after graduation. Because it was an ex-marine who taught Mark how to shoot, the school district has a hostile attitude towards the Marine Corps. Strange but true in the story, no one from Ramsgate has joined the Marines since Mark’s shooting and anyone who does wish to serve their country, is swayed into other branches of the service. However, Sean does join the Marines after graduation.

After graduating boot camp on his first leave, Sean decided to visit his high school in uniform. Like me, he wants to show that he made something of himself. Unlike me, though, two of his bullies start a fight with him and acting in self defense, Sean blinds one bully and breaks the other’s leg. Small town politics ensue and Sean is arrested and charged. The mess not only gets him in trouble with the city, it lands him in hot water with the Marines, especially as the parents of the two bullies sue the Corps. Without going into too much detail, Mark is handed over to military authorities as part of a deal which is that he is not to return to Ramsgate for the remainder of the time in the service.

Sean does his first enlistment without any further complication. He spends most of the time deployed and when he does get leave, he has to stay with his grandparents a few towns away from Ramsgate. However, when he reenlists and because his first enlistment is over, he thinks it’s okay to return to Ramsgate. Unfortunately, he is seen and remembered by someone who informs the local police and Sean is re-arrested. The town’s argument is that Sean is still in the service so the legal decision barring him from the town is still in force.

At the same time, he learns that his little brother is also being bullied and when the bullies learn that Sean can’t go to the town, they increase their torture and spread it to their mother and home. When Sean learns of this, he is livid and what I am thinking is a “Rambo 1, First Blood” type of ending.

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

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Song Lyrics Quote: Alice Cooper- Own Worst Enemy


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You get up every morning on the wrong side of the bed,

You butter your hand instead of your bread

Drink enough coffee to wake the dead

You’re doing 85 and the light is turning red

The judge took your license and forbid you to drive

And your heart is pumping bacon and you’re barely alive.

You’re your own worst enemy

You’re a walking catastrophe

You’re at war with yourself and nobody else

You’re a danger!

I Want to Live in a World Where..


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I want to live in a world where:

No one is judged by their race or gender

Nor by their choice of religion, clothing or hairstyle

People are tolerant of those who are different

People can express an opinion without being derided because it doesn’t agree with another’s

The so-called strong don’t victimize those they consider weak

Bullying in all forms doesn’t exist.

Am I being an idealist? Probably so but wouldn’t life be better for all if this was the type of world we had?