Song Lyric Quote: Guns and Roses- Mr Brownstone

I used to do a little but the little wouldn’t do

So the little got more and more

I just keep tryin’ ta get a little better

Said a little better than before.

We’ve been dancin’ with Mr Brownstone

He’s been knockin,’ he won’t leave me alone.


Things That Prove My Insanity: Extradition


Family Guy

Thinking further about last week’s post about prisoner exchanges where if someone from your country, gets arrested on trumped up charges in another country, your country arrests someone from that country on similar charges then do a prisoner exchange. As typical with me, my thoughts go on further. Recently, an incident occurred where a person is suspected of committing a crime in another country (innocent until proven guilty) but fled back to their own country as opposed to facing the charges in the country they are accused. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about American Anne Sacoolas who, in Britain, ran over and killed British teen Harry Dunn but instead of facing the charges in the UK, fled back to the US under the guise of diplomatic immunity.

As an American, I find the actions of Mrs Sacoolas embarrassing. She should go back to Britain and face the justice system. If anything, the British legal system is fair and thus her treatment will be so. Trump should stop dragging his heels and waive the diplomatic immunity and extradite Sacoolas back to Britain. If the US government is worried about what might happen at her trial, they can always spring for a top UK defense barrister. But no, her getting away with killing a young boy of any nationality with a car and running away under the cover of diplomatic immunity is not the way to deal with it.

Now, I bet there are many Americans right now who are screaming, “What about that UK autistic man who hacked into US government computers? The UK didn’t allow him to be extradited.” True, but there are some differences. Main one was that the boy did not commit the crime on US soil and the UK legal system did deal with it. More importantly, he did not kill an American, accidentally or otherwise. But we can go back even further. Imagine the outcry in the US if back in 1997, the British nanny who was convicted in the US for shaking a baby to death escaped under the blanket of diplomatic immunity. They would not have been too happy about it.

So, here’s my proposal: If in the near future, a Briton is charged with a crime in the US, the UK government allow that person to flee back to the UK under diplomatic immunity. When the US complains, say to them, we’ll extradite our person if you extradite Anne Sacoolas. Make it an extradition exchange. It might solve the problem.







Things That Prove My Insanity- Arrested Abroad


Family Guy

Before anyone panics or says, “It’s about time,” I haven’t been arrested anywhere. However, I must warn you that if your political view is through rose coloured glasses, then you might not want to read any further. Furthermore, if you lack any sense of humour, then perhaps you should also refrain from reading on from this bit. What I’m about to write on this post from this point is meant to be in a light-hearted fashion. On the other hand, I hope you will note that there is a possible serious point to be made.

There are many people around the world who are languishing in a foreign prison on some trumped up charge by an oppressive government. One example, whose case I’ve been following for awhile is that of British born Nanazin Zaghari-Ratcliffe who has been in prison in Iran since 2016 on the charge of trying to topple the government. I have signed petitions to the UK Home Secretary demanding her release. So far, this hasn’t happened.

My solution to the problem dates back to similar events of the Cold War in the 1950s and 60s. First, a Russian named Rudolph Abel, (real name William Fisher),  was convicted in the US for being a Soviet spy. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison although many in America wanted the death penalty at the time. However, he only served four years of his sentence because in 1962, he was part of a prisoner exchange which saw downed U2 pilot, Francis Gary Powers, returned to the US. Many other similar exchanges were to take place throughout the Cold War.

The Cold War might be over but it still doesn’t mean that prisoner exchanges aren’t possible. In my example above, I thought maybe if there was an Iranian in a British prison, then an exchange can be made. However, according to Google, there doesn’t seem to be any. Here’s where I might go a bit right wing. My answer is to arrest an Iranian in the UK on a questionable charge. When the Iranian Government protests, the two countries simply arrange to swap their prisoners. The Iranian for Mrs Zaghari-Ratcliffe, problem solved.

I know there are many holes to be poked in my argument. Like the fact that there are many human rights lawyers in Britain who would argue for the Iranian’s release on human rights grounds without giving a thought to Nanazin. It’s also against the very grain if British law to simply imprison someone on trumped up charges, even if other countries do it to UK citizens. But think about it for a moment, wouldn’t be easier to simply arrest somebody from a country who has arrested someone from your own country on similar trumped up charges and then exchange them? It would save a lot of petitions and paperwork. But this is why things like this prove I’m a little insane.

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My New Year’s Resolution- Get My Next Novel Done

I have been working on my third novel for the past few years, at least five, and I am only about half way through, if that. Excuses have been and gone but that’s all they’ve been, excuses. True, I work two, sometimes three jobs but could put more time in. My most recent excuse was that what I have written so far has been scrutinized by two proof readers who have given me valuable feedback but on the other hand, has given me excuse for further procrastination.

My next novel will come in the form of  a series of short stories involving different people, which I’ve completed. Now I’m at the part where all the stories come together and thing are ready to move forward from there. Having received feedback from a few readers, it was suggested that I have written too many individual stories and possibly should cut a few out. Taking this on board, I have decided to cut two stories out. My procrastination comes in the form of a second reader whom I am awaiting feedback from as to whether or not to cut any more stories out. Since I haven’t heard from this person, I’ve decided to stick with just dropping two.

With that done, I have no further excuses to carry on with the story. No more excuses, I have set myself a goal of getting the rest of the story completed by the end of the  year.


Happy New Year and New Decade

While everyone is wishing everyone else a happy new year, it’s up to me to notice that were are in fact entering a new decade, the 2020s. For me, this marks a time to look both forwards and back. One realization is the fact that just a year in a half into the new decade, I will have been on the Earth for six full decades. Therefore, I am starting to think about the future in a totally different light. I don’t want to sound morbid but I realize that there are more decades behind me than in front of me. While, I’m hoping that I will be around for awhile, I have taken the first steps towards preparing for the finale. I have contacted the officials at Bloodstock and I’m awaiting for an official response. If it’s a go, when I do depart this Earth, it will be in my will that my younger son, Will, and my stepson Teal, take my cremated ashes to the festival and have them poured from the main stage. Teal says, it’s all very heavy metal.

However, I don’t want to start the decade on a depressing note. I may be getting older, not sure if I’m getting wiser, but there is still a lot of mileage left in this old car. I intend to use it.

The twenty-teens saw a lot of changes for the better for me. I published two books and have come to the terms with the fact that I do have Asperger’s Syndrome and DAMP. Now if I can banish the intrusive thoughts, things would be better. However, I have put a lot of my bullying experiences into the bin thanks to writing my second book, “He Was Weird” and I hope I can build on that in the decade to come. I want to wish everyone a happy new year and may the 2020s bring you lots of good fortune.

I thought the best way to sum things up is these lyrics from Bob Seager through his song, “No Man’s Land.”

Headin’ in, or headin’ out
Standin’ on this shore
Pause a moment to reflect
Which trip cost ’em all
Between the ever restless crowd
And the silence of your room
Spend an hour in no man’s land
You’ll be leavin’ soon
Victims come and victims go
There’s always life to spare
One victim and it’s the tragedy
One victim stops and stares
Still another walks one by
Pretendin’ not to see
They’re all out there in no man’s land
‘Cause it’s the safest place to be
The sanctuary never comes
Without some kind of risk
Illusions without freedom
Never quite add up to bliss
The haunting and the haunted
Play a game no one can win
The spirits come at midnight
And by dawn they’re gone again
So it seems, our destiny
Is searchin’ everywhere
Drive that ever changin’ wage
It never seems to crest
Shiver in the darkest night
Afraid to make a stand
And then go back and do our time
Out there in no man’s land
Out in no man’s land
Out in no man’s land
Out there, out there, out there, out there
No man’s land