Bar Hopping in the USA

In reality, I didn’t go to that many bars while I was in the States. I found it better to drink at the house not that I drank that much, really. Then again, I was on holiday. Here’s some photos of typical American bars.


Caroline’s Bar in Somers Point NJ was a little picky on who they let in.


My friend Frank singing karaoke


Frank’s wife Candy singing


Candy and Frank sang a duet


An inside shot of Caroline’s


From top to bottom: my brother in law Mark, sister Dawn, my wife Tina and step-daughter Lorretta at the Brick House in Egg Harbor Township, NJ


Pabst Blue Ribbon- the official beer of rednecks


Tina and Lorretta at the Circle Liquor Store in Somers Point. This was just the wine aisle


I discovered I had my own brand of alco-pops


The hard liquor aisle. We bought a whiskey called “Knob Creek” for my stepson Teal.

It turns out that many bars in Southern New Jersey do not allow bikers to wear their colours inside. I can see the reasons why but I still find it amusing. Of course, now you’re all thinking I’m a total lush now. Actually, I didn’t drink all that much, honest.

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Song Lyric Quote: Queenryche- I Don’t Believe in Love

Because this is the one band I regret not being able to go to Bloodstock and see last week, I’m quoting another song of theirs, my favourite one.

I don’t believe in love, I never have I never will

I don’t believe in love, I’ll just pretend she never was real

I don’t believe in love, I need to forget her face, I see it still

I don’t believe in love, it’s never worth the pain that you feel.

Gaslighting: A Hidden Form of Bullying

Just today I read two amazing blog post from The Aspergian. These posts talked about a form of manipulative bullying known as ‘gaslighting.’ I was hoping to re-blog these two posts but there are no re-blog buttons on them. Therefore, I am posting the links to those two great articles here. Have a read and I hope you will find them as enlightening as I did.

Are You Being Bullied?  On Gaslighting and Depression: Part 1

Are You Being Bullied?  On Gaslighting and Depression: Part 2

Could This Be Why the World Thinks All Americans are Fat?

While boring all of my friends with all the photos from my trip to the US, quite a few of those have remarked on all the pictures of food. True, I got to partake of lots of great food while I was in America and may have put on a couple of pounds. There seems to be food everywhere.


Pizza Hut isn’t the best place to get a good pizza in the US. The best places are independently owned ones usually run by Americans of genuine Italian descent. This one was from Manco and Manco’s in Ocean City NJ


Breakfast at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP). I still think this chain needs to come to Britain.


A meatball sub and a huge burger at a boardwalk restaurant


Look at all them cakes and doughnuts


And all sorts of candy apples on sticks


Nothing is better than breakfast at an American diner


There was a nice little ice cream shop across the street from where we stayed.


It also did great milkshakes


Can you believe the size of these cakes?


More cakes


Even the chain brands are humongous!


There was also a bakery across the street which made excellent pastry.


Whenever I’m in New Jersey, I make it a point to go to my favourite Mexican restaurant, Los Amigos in Atlantic City


I love doing barbecues


The next few photos are from the Rain Forest Restaurant in Atlantic City


They try to create a rain forest effect inside


I had the steak, ribs and shrimp trio


Some of my friends’ meals


It was supposed to be a shot of a monkey swinging in the trees


This dessert is called ‘the volcano.’ It took all seven of us to eat it.


Steamed clams for lunch


A tub of curly fries from the Ocean City boardwalk


And one last Manco and Manco’ pizza before we returned to the UK

Looking at these pictures, there is no doubt some people are saying, “No wonder all Americans are fat.” Actually, I didn’t see that many fat Americans. Probably percentage wise, obesity in America is probably on the same level as the rest of the world. It’s just another stereotype but having loads of excellent food like this, it’s not a wonder why the rest of the world thinks that.

Next post: Drink

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The Philadelphia Art Museum

More pictures from my holiday in the USA to bore you with. These were taken during our trip to The Philadelphia Art Museum. It was made famous in the “Rocky” films when Sylvester Stallone runs up those steps when training for his fights. Before you ask, I didn’t run up them this time, it was way too hot.


Those famous steps


















Hope you enjoyed!

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Another Day and Two Mass Shootings

This morning I turned on my computer, logged onto the internet to discover that there were not one but two mass shootings in the US yesterday. One in Texas where 20 people were shot, not sure how many dead and another in Ohio which resulted in nine dead and sixteen wounded. Like the rest of America, I too send my thoughts and prayers but I also know that it’s not enough. It’s proof that we need tighter gun laws or at least better enforcement the gun laws we already have.


Shooting in El Paso Texas


Shooting in Dayton Ohio





Song Lyric Quote: Elvis Costello- Oliver’s Army

Hong Kong is up for grabs, London is full of Arabs

We could be in Palestine, overrun by a Chinese line

With the boys from the Mersey and the Thames and the Tyne

But there’s no danger, it’s a professional career

It can be arranged with just a word in Mr Churchill’s ear

If you’re out of luck or out of work

We can send you to Johannesburg

Oliver’s army is here to stay, Oliver’s army are on their way

And I would rather be anywhere else but here today.