Happy Independence Day! What Being an American Means to Me


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Even though I have been living in the UK for 36 years, I still consider myself an American as well. Why can’t I be both? After all, America was made up of British colonies before gaining its independence. My relationship with the United States of America has been like a married couple. We’ve had our ups and downs. At one point in 1986, I actually did say that I hated America but that was then and that angry young man, who was me, is a distant memory.

I grew up loving my country and even gave it the best four years of my life. It was how I was treated after I left the service which turned me into that angry young man. Previous posts will give more details to the reasons behind it. Anyway, I still love America. However, there are things about where the country I love is heading, I’m not happy with.

With the latest Supreme Court ruling, it does seem that guns have more rights in America than women. I wrote in a recent post that I am morally against abortion but I don’t think it should be outlawed. Like I discovered for myself, there are situations where an abortion is the best choice or even necessary for the woman involved. Furthermore, while some call it leftist paranoia, who’s to say that the Supreme Court won’t try to roll back other cases such as gay marriage. I think if two people love each other, then they should get married if they choose, same gender or not. Courts, legislatures nor anyone else has the right to interfere with that.

Warning: Guns will probably dictate this post and this brings me up to another point. It seems the right in America are so worried about children’s minds being poisoned by certain books that they have been banned or even burned. However, these same people think it’s perfectly fine for these fragile minded youths to carry a gun.

A month ago, I posted my thoughts which I have posted on here several times on Facebook. The fact that I find it a little embarrassing that in America, you are legally old enough to buy a gun before you’re legally old enough to buy a beer. Some of the responses I got on that were just as hilarious. The main one was people pointing out that beer is not a Constitutional Right. The British part of me can’t help but to burst out laughing here. Because it is a Constitutional right, we should have 18 year olds, or even younger children to own guns so they could go and shoot up their schools.

Once again, I will state my proposal. I think the age of gun ownership should be raised to 21. BUT, if you serve or have served in the military, then the ages for both drinking and owning guns would be 18. Personally, I don’t think anyone should have a problem with that. After all, the US military does count as a well regulated militia so, this isn’t taking anyone’s guns away or infringing the second amendment.

That’s my rant over. I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day. Enjoy your cookouts, go watch a baseball game and do whatever else you feel is truly American. While I’m not doing it this year, I have 4th of July barbecues and my British friends enjoy them.

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Song Lyrics Quote: Warrant- Hell CA


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If I could have the time I’ve wasted

I’d lick a lot of things I never tasted

Can’t draw a picture if you’ve only traced it

I’m out on the road and wasted

If you want to get to heaven you gotta go through Hell


If you want to get to heaven you gotta go through hell


Every now and then you make it but you just can’t tell

If you want to get to heaven you gotta go through hell.

Emotion Before Logic


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Eva, Does she think I’m a saddo?

You’re all probably getting fed up with me posting about this but there is another angle from my anxiety post from a couple of weeks ago. See, after I had my little bout of frustration over the fact that Eva had lost every match in the bundle of wrestling matches I had purchased, I emailed her. I told her how wrong it was that she lost every match. I know wrestling is scripted but I pointed out to her that she had too much wrestling talent to be a jobber. A couple of days later, I got an answer from her saying she appreciated my support but she simply followed a script and the she really didn’t mind if she won or lost a match as long as those watching it enjoyed the show. I conclude she is a class act.

Since then, my anxieties have drifted. I now worry that Eva thinks I’m a complete saddo or some mentally deranged stalker. Okay, stalker isn’t the right term but she thinks that I might be taking the wrestling too seriously and that I’m some sort of nutter over it. While, I can say that neither the above is the case, I realize that I never should have emailed her directly over it. My motivation was at the time was that she would tell me matches she won so I could buy them. I think the reality is now that she won’t because she wants people to buy her matches regardless of the outcome.

The problem was that reacted to the emotion before the logic kicked in. That is a common trait among people who suffer with Asperger’s Syndrome. While many people react with emotion before logic, the case is double for people like me. If I had taken a deep breath and waited a few days and let the logic kick in, I might have realized that it wasn’t worth emailing Eva about it but the people who run the promotion instead, which I did do and the person in charge sorted things out by putting together a package of matches where Eva emerged victorious. I was a very happy camper after that. Plus, I was invited to write a script where Eva wins her match, which I did and it was filmed at the weekend and should be available soon.

My logic in the matter was simply this: The package was five wrestling matches involving Eva. Since she was the featured wrestler, it is natural to think that she would win some, if not all of them. So, when I watched her lose them all, I thought it wasn’t right. I even considered asking for a refund but that was a moment of petulance. Unfortunately, for me, that logic took a back seat in my brain and the emotion took over and as a result, I emailed the wrong person first, Eva instead of the person who runs the site selling the downloads to the matches. While everything is cool now, the promoter is already trying to get me to write another match for July, I can’t help thinking that Eva thinks I’m some sort of saddo. I know I shouldn’t care and I will probably never meet her but the fact someone might think those things about me does disturb me.

The lesson I have learned from this, one I should have learned years ago, is that whenever any sort of incident or crisis happens, I need to step back, take a couple of deep breaths and try to logic it out. Think before I act is a good policy here. Shameless link to “He Was Weird,” in most cases, Mark was never given the chance to do that, the bullying was too severe. Although he did think before he acted in the end and the result was catastrophic for many others. Maybe they should have thought before they acted.

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Prayers for Norway


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Tributes paid to the victims of the mass shooting in Oslo

I have just discovered that there has been a mass shooting at a gay club in Oslo, Norway which left two dead and over 20 wounded. According to police, the gunman was a radicalized Muslim who had a history of mental illness. No one need me to tell them what an awful tragedy this is. The fact it took place at a gay club is of little matter. Only on the grounds that homophobia was the motive behind the shooting.

FFI: Click the link- https://news.sky.com/story/norway-attack-mass-shooting-suspect-radicalised-islamist-with-history-of-mental-illness-12640110

What sent my anxiety levels to high levels when I heard about the shooting was the fact that my future daughter in law, Eline, comes from Norway and lives in a suburb of Oslo. However, when I What’s Apped my daughter, she informed me that Eline isn’t even in the country at the moment but on holiday with her family in the Azores. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard that.

As always, let us send our thoughts and prayers to the people of Oslo, especially to the victims and their loved ones.

My future daughter in law, Eline

Sexism Leads to More Sexism


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Researching for this post has been eye opening. I was all prepared to slate the left for wanting to ban women’s wrestling on the grounds of it being sexist but actually, it’s the other side that is just as bad. My trip through the history of women’s wrestling in the UK has revealed that women in the sport have been subjected to sexist attitudes all along. However, this doesn’t change the point I am going to make here today.

Classic women’s wrestling

For many decades, in both the UK and the US, women’s wrestling was seen as some sort of side show. Female wrestlers weren’t taken seriously and treated as second class citizens in the sport. They were paid less and given worse conditions than their male counterparts. This is in spite of the fact that they have have the same athletic capabilities and do the same moves in the ring. For far too long, men and even women ignored these facts and only wanted to see women wrestling as some sort of side show or in the cases of many men, sex symbols.

Unfortunately, this is what too many people think of when they hear women’s wrestling.

Sexist attitudes are a major issue when it comes to women’s wrestling. The picture above is what many people assume when the hear women and wrestling in conjunction with each other. Two talentless bimbos who roll around the mat in bikinis and have no real wrestling talent. True, there are promotions who present this attitude because many men think that it’s really the case. They forget that true women professional wrestlers train hard to sharpen their skills so they can go out into the ring and wrestle. The problem is that with many men, they are looking for sex appeal instead of true talent. Who cares if a women can execute a high flying manoeuvre as long as she looks good? This attitude is wrong and many men and some women need enlightenment.

Here’s where my problem with the left comes into play. Because of the sexist attitudes men have towards women’s wrestling, the feminists on the left thought the solution was to ban women’s wrestling all together on the grounds that it is sexist. I have always been adverse to taking away someone’s livelihood or keep them from doing something they truly enjoy to score political points. This is the wrong approach! Banning it will only turn the very people you think you are saving against you. Women wrestlers don’t want to be banned, they want to be seen as professionals who love what they do and are good at it. What needs to change is people’s perception of women’s wrestling. They should be seen for the true, talented professionals they are and not as side show freaks or sex symbols. Their skills should be highlighted and praised, not banned. Once people realize this, then it will be true step forward in eradicating sexist attitudes, not only in wrestling but in life in general.

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They’re Filming My Match!


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Eva, Will she be victorious in my script?

This is an update from Sunday’s post. I submitted a script for a wrestling match featuring the lovely Eva pictured above and guess what? It’s going ahead! What really made me happy as after I tweaked the original script a little, the promoter said it was perfect. Then better news came this morning when I heard that both wrestlers approved the script, although I had to tweak the end. Okay, so it won’t end with a high flying manoeuvre but it’s still exciting.

Anything Can Cause Anxiety


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Wrestler Eva

I must confess, I am heavily into women’s wrestling. I’ll stand back and pause for a moment while some of you call me a freak, sicko and pervert. Now that you’ve got that off your chest, I hope you will read the rest of this with an open mind. Women’s wrestling has come on leaps and bounds over the past few decades and only the most sexist pig or extreme lefty feminist has a problem with them these days. They are every much the athlete as their male counterparts. A few years ago, I wrote a similar post which you can read by clicking the link.

Even things we enjoy can cause us anxiety, especially if you have Asperger’s Syndrome. The above has caused me anxiety because I am worried that there are still people out there who think I’m mentally unstable because I have an interest in women’s wrestling. Let me tell you something, my wife has known of my interest almost since we’ve met and that was nearly 19 years ago. Plus we’ve been married for 17 of those years and if she has no problem with my interest, then neither should anyone else.

But it’s not that which has been filling me with anxiety over the past few days. Like with sports teams and persons, I have a favourite woman wrestler, Eva, who is pictured above. Recently, as a birthday treat to myself, I bought a bundle package of five of Eva’s matches to download. I have watched all five and this is what started my anxiety. I would have thought that with a package specifically dedicated to one wrestler, that wrestler would at least win some of the matches but after watching them, Eva lost all five. I wasn’t pleased about that.

Now I know wrestling is fixed and she was following a script but I bow to my words in the paragraph above. You would have thought that they would have at least one match she wins. My knee jerk reaction was to demand a refund because I wasn’t satisfied. However, I took a deep breath and didn’t. Besides, would the fact that I didn’t like the results of the matches on the downloads be grounds for a refund? Anyway, I contacted the promotion and told them I wasn’t pleased. Furthermore, I pointed out what a great talent Eva was and that she had too much wrestling talent to simply be a jobber. (That’s someone who loses all the time.) I have to give credit where due, the response I received was very professional and positive. The head of the promotion agreed to my idea and put together a bundle of matches where Eva actually wins. Furthermore, I was invited to write a script for an upcoming wrestling event! So, I have.

Apart from that, my anxieties have me wondering what could have been said. Another aspect about the promoter I emailed, was that she had no problems revealing who wins a match before it’s bought. To me, that’s good customer service. There are those out there who wouldn’t let people know who wins under the guise of surprise. They think that it will get a person to buy all the matches of a certain wrestler in the hopes of seeing the ones they win. I don’t want to waste my money like that. As for the surprise, well for the past six decades, audiences have been watching James Bond movies knowing that whatever near death obstacles are thrown up at him, he will kill the baddie and get the girl. There’s no surprise there and it’s the same with knowing the outcome of a wrestling match. Knowing Eva is going to emerge victorious will only make me buy the match download more.

I have been thinking about this almost over the entire weekend. It’s a clear example that with my Asperger’s mind, anxiety can come upon me for what ever reason. This includes things I like doing. Writing this post has helped reduce those anxieties.

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Stop Being Chicken Shit of Intolerance!


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Protest outside of cinema in Birmingham

This week, the UK cinema company, Cineworld, pulled all showings of a new film called. “The Lady of Heaven,” from all cinemas around the country because of protests from the Muslim community. The film is about Lady Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. I know nothing more but Muslims have called the film ‘blasphemous’ and ‘divisive.’

I have said many times that I respect all religions and I will not downplay anyone Muslim or not, who finds the film offensive to the Islamic faith. Any such person is totally free to explain their views to me, either to me in person or here on Peaceful Rampage. I will listen and take note. What I am up in arms about is that people think that they have the right to prevent other people from seeing the film and it was cowardly of Cineworld to pull the film nationwide on account of a minority of outraged people. I understand Cineworld were concerned about the safety of their staff but that’s the point. Threatening violence is not the way to get your point across and all it does is make the people you want to convince even angrier. In fact, this whole affair makes me want to watch the film!

FFI: Click the link- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-61729392

Before I get called ‘racist’ or ‘Islamaphobic,’ let me make it perfectly clear that I would be of the same mind frame if it was a Christian movie. Being a Monty Python fan, in spite of the fact that churches throughout the Western world called for the 1979 movie, “Life of Brian,” to be banned, I went and saw it. The protests made me want to see it even more and afterwards, I couldn’t see what everyone was so up in arms about.

While I didn’t see “The Last Temptation of Christ” in the cinema, I thought all the protests about it and threats of violence against movie houses was totally over the top. This too was an example of a minority of bullies using threats of violence to get their way. I did watch the film on TV and I turned it off 45 minutes in. Not because of any blasphemous content, I turned it off because I thought it was a complete pile of crap.

Maybe religious groups should follow the Mormons example. When the play, “The Book of Mormon” hit theaters throughout the world, the Mormons didn’t whine nor were there any pronouncements of death threats coming out of Salt Lake City. The Mormons bought advertising space at theatres the play appeared at saying, “If you want to know more about the faith, contact us.” This way is a lot more affective than bullying violence.

Everyone has a right to practice their faith and I totally believe in freedom of religion. However, whenever someone wants to push their religious views on others through violence, threats, intimidation, playing the race card or even monkeying with the law, then I fight back like a rat in the corner. If a book, film, piece of music or anything else, bothers you, then you have the right not to watch or listen to it. What you don’t have the right to do is intimidate others from doing so.

Note; According to some Christians, I committed a vile sin in 1978 when I went to see “National Lampoon’s Animal House” at the cinema.

Dissent is Welcome on Peaceful Rampage


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Second Amendment  Bearing and Keeping Arms

  • A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Last week, after watching a presentation on Facebook on how in the US, you have to be 21 to drink alcohol and 25 to rent a car, but you can buy a gun at 18, I stated that I found this aspect about America rather embarrassing. Note: I am NOT embarrassed to be American and I love the country I was born in. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have jumped through flaming hoops at the US Embassy in London to keep my American citizenship when I naturalized as a British citizen back in 1990. I’m digressing as usual but I pointed this out on that Facebook presentation and I got a lot of stick from right and left about it.

Naturally, I got the predictable redneck responses telling me that I was embarrassing and to move to Canada. It’s a bit late for me to do that. The main theme of responses was that owning a gun is a constitutional right while drinking a beer isn’t. One person pointed out that children have been using guns since guns were invented. My response is: Does that make it okay? As I told people on that meme, I am not for repealing the Second Amendment, which gives Americans to right to keep and bear arms. However, because it’s a constitutional right doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Look at the fact that there have been ten mass shootings across the US over the past weekend. That is why I stick by my belief that the age of gun ownership should be 21 unless you serve or have served in the armed forces. Then it should be 18. After all, the US military is a well regulated militia and in my view, my belief does not conflict the the Second Amendment.

Of all the insults hurled at me, the biggest one came from the left where one stated “Brilliant Einstein.” This person wrongly thought that I wanted to lower the drinking age to 18 so young adults ages 18-20 could get drunk and go out and buy a gun. I pointed out that I wanted the opposite, the gun age raised to 21 but he didn’t come back on that one.

It’s very tempting for me to go off on a tangent about the gun debate and I could easily do so. The point I want to make is that even with a hot potato topic such as guns, where there are many differing opinions, we should be able to state our case without any patronizing, name calling or just plain abuse. The problem with social media is that there is a cloak of anonymity about it. Chicken shits can be as abusive as they want and say things to people they wouldn’t dare say in public and get away with it. I think that is wrong. Here on Peaceful Rampage and on my other blog, 80smetalman, I welcome everyone to voice their opinion, even if it’s unpopular or even illogical. You can start here if you like.

Shameless link to my book: There are instances in “He Was Weird” where Mark does offer an unpopular opinion or a point of knowledge and the bullies come down on him for it. Since the book is linked to my own experiences, it is one reason why I feel so strongly about it. No one should be attacked for putting forth an opinion or point of knowledge.

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Commiserations to Eva


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Eva Abley

It looks like 0 for 2 in the semi finals of Britain’s Got Talent as comedian Eva Abley did not make it into the final. A couple of weeks ago, Eva appeared on the programme and wowed the judges, the audience and the person writing this. She did this in spite of the fact she has cerebral palsy. Her performance in the semi-final was even better than her one for the auditions. My wife thought it was a travesty that Eva didn’t progress and I have to agree. Saying that, I think that we haven’t seen the last of Eva Abley as she looks set to have a lucrative career in comedy.

Here’s her semi-final performance: