I’m Sharing This Because I’m So Angry

Yesterday, I read a post on another blog called ‘The Aspergian.’ This blog is purely about Asperger’s Syndrome and it’s effects on those who have it. However, the article I read entitled “Mistreatment and Multi-agency Failure: The Story of the Brackens,” makes me extremely angry. It’s about how a family with special needs is harassed and victimized by their neighbours and not only do those in authority do nothing about it, they try to twisted it around making out that the Bracken family were the aggressors! Disgusting.

So click on the link below and have a read and like me, you will shake your head in disbelief.

Mistreatment and multi-agency failure: The story of the Bracken Family

Christmas Song Lyrics: The Night Santa Went Crazy- Final Part

The night Santa went crazy

The night St Nicholas flipped

Broke his back for milk and cookies

Sounds to me like he was tired of being jipped.

The night Santa went crazy

The night St Nick went insane

Realized he was getting a raw deal

Something must have finally snapped in his brain.


Merry Christmas!

Christmas Song Lyrics: The Night Santa Went Crazy- Part 6

Yes Virginia, Santa’s doing time

In a federal prison for his infamous crime

Hey little friends, don’t cry no more tears

He’ll be out with good behaviour in 700 more years!

Now Vixen’s in therapy and Donder’s real nervous

And the elves all got jobs

Working for the postal service

And Mrs Claus is on the phone every night

With lawyers, negotiating the movie rights.

Have I Compromised My Principles?



Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past week, you will have heard that the UK had a general election last week. Yes, you rednecks who think Britain doesn’t have elections because it still has a queen, we did. You probably have also heard that the Conservative Party won a resounding landslide. I didn’t vote Conservative because I don’t agree with many of their policies and I think their leader and new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, comes across as a snake oil salesman. However, that’s not what this post is about, it’s about how I voted and wondering if I’m now a sellout.

Normally, I vote for the Green Party, I do so in the US and I do so in the UK. In the past two elections, I voted for the Labour Party and that is what has gotten my DAMP addled head in a spin. Right up until polling day, my mind was in a dog fight as to whether I should vote Labour or Green. One contributor to this conundrum was that fact that the incumbent MP, David Drew, is Labour and he has served my local constituency very well. If his party had gotten into government, I believe that he should have been made Environmental Secretary as he would have made a good one. On the other hand, the Green Party candidate was our local MEP, (Member of European Parliament) Molly Scott Cato. Molly has served the entire Southwest region very well in Brussels and even one of the Labour campaigners I spoke to agreed that Molly would make a very good MP, except that she wasn’t going to win.

This conundrum aside, there were other issues that made me think twice about voting Labour. The main one was its party leader, Jeremy Corbyn. While, I don’t completely¬† believe the right wing media hype that he hates Britain and sides with her enemies in any international dispute nor did I believe that his economic policies would turn Britain into Venezuela, I didn’t feel I could completely trust the man as Prime Minister. This further inflamed the war in my head in which way I should vote.

In spite of any misgivings I had about Labour, there was one reason above all why I vote Green. In the US presidential election, I felt that Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, as well as Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, were both unfairly treated by the election machine. They were not allowed to take part in the presidential debates even though 56% of Americans felt they should be. When Jill showed up and asked to participate in one of the debates, she was arrested. Now, is that democracy? That’s what I fear here in the UK. Britain is rapidly becoming a two party state like America where voices of alternative parties are being drowned out. In the 2015 general election, all of the party leaders were allowed to take part in the debates and while this was true in one debate in this last election, they still had a debate with just Johnson and Corbyn, a two candidate debate, just like they do in America. Does Britain really want to descend into that?


The Sun

Before everyone starts shouting it at me, I know the counter-arguments coming. These are small parties, they’re not going to win anything and that voting for them will only let in the person who’s worse. The above newspaper said that repeatedly. What amused me about the election campaigns was that both Labour and the Conservatives stated that voting Green or Liberal Democrat or the Brexit Party was going to give the election to the other party. Hell, the Democrats in the US have said that ever since they blamed Green candidate Ralph Nader for their candidate Al Gore’s defeat in the 2000 presidential election. This is why I’m kind of glad that the Scottish National Party (SNP) won so big up there.

I was always taught that democracy was about letting everyone get their equal say and about voting for who you think is best. For me, the likelihood of them winning doesn’t enter into it. I’ve heard many people in both countries scoff and say, no one wants to hear what small party candidates have to say. It won’t make a difference anyway. Who’s to say what people want or don’t want to hear? Democracy is about letting everyone get their say. Who knows, maybe an alternative party might have a policy or two that makes sense which might make more people vote for them. After all, an Gary Johnson was elected as governor of New Mexico and Minnesota elected an independent candidate governor in 1999, so who know? The main thing is to let them speak and let people hear what they have to say and then decide, even if they aren’t very likely to win.

So, did I compromise my principles by voting Labour? I still don’t know.

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Christmas Song Lyrics: The Night Santa Went Crazy- Part 3

The workshop is gone, he decided to bomb it

Everywhere you find pieces of Cupid and Comet

He tied up his helpers and he held the elves hostage

And he ground up poor Rudolph into reindeer sausage

He got Prancer and Dancer with an old German Luger

And he slashed up poor dasher just like Freddie Kruger

He took big flamethrower and he barbecued Blitzen

Took a big bite and said it tastes just like chicken.

Exploding a Few Myths

An episode from the TV police series “Blue Bloods” influenced last week’s post on how the police aren’t trained to deal with Aspeger’s. In fact, they use that disability when questioning a person, to try to manipulate the person being questioned. In my case, they tried to use my admission of having smoked half a cannabis joint the night before to get me to confess that I went out and bought bails of the stuff. I didn’t.


This post is influenced by another police TV series, “Major Crimes.” I have only watched a few episodes because I didn’t find it all that great. I think the main reason why I started to watch it is because I might have had a fancy towards the lead actress, Mary McDonnell. In my weird mind, she comes across as ‘the boss you want to sleep with’ type. Which is strange because I have never wanted to sleep with any of my bosses.


Mary McDonnell

In one episode of “Major Crimes” a statement was made about American servicemen who go overseas, have sex with loads of prostitutes and bring that desire to do the same when they return home. Having been an American serviceman, I can say that it’s not entirely true. Yes, most men in the services engage the use of a prostitute at least once when they’re overseas. I can confirm that, no further comment. However, I know some of the men who engaged in such practices a lot but didn’t do so once they returned home. Reason why- there is a taboo in the American forces about paying for sex in the United States. It is believed that since there are no language barriers, a serviceman should be able to get laid or even find a relationship while at home. Those who do will most likely get teased about having done so. So no, most American servicemen do not go out looking for prostitutes when they return home. Therefore, I think “Major Crimes” got that one wrong.

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First Christmas Song Lyric Quote for 2019

The song in question will be Weird Al Yankovick’s little ditty, “The Night Santa Went Crazy” and will be posted in several parts in the run up to Christmas. Here’s part one:

In the workshop all the elves are making toys

For all the good gentile girls and good gentile boys

When the boss busted in, nearly scared them half to death

With a rifle in his hand, cheap whisky on his breath.

From his beard to his boots he was all covered in ammo

Like an old drunken yuletide Rambo

With a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye

He said “Merry Christmas to all, now you’re all gonna die!”