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I am always saddened to learn of a mass shooting, whether it be in a school or other public place, no matter where it happens. However, what annoys me as an American living in the UK is that when it happens in the US, the British media is all over it with stories about ‘gun crazed Yanks’ but when a mass shooting happens in any other country, the UK media is relatively silent about it.

A few days ago, there was a school shooting in Germany but almost nothing out of the media. If this had happened in the US, all of Britain would have heard of it. I only learned about it is because I had ‘School Shootings’ as a Google Alert. This is not because I have some sort of warped fascination with them, I have it because it was a main topic in my book “He Was Weird.” Anyway, back to the fact that it happened and fortunately, only one person, a female teacher was injured. To read the full story, click the link:


One point about the article, I feel I must talk about is the fact that Germany has very strict gun laws yet it still happened. I can hear some Americans using this to shout, “Gun laws don’t work!” This is a myth. Germany has the fewest shooting incidents in the world. Just saying.

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