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My all time favourite film

The other night, I watched my all time favourite movie, “The Warriors” for what I think is the 26th time. I couldn’t explain why I love it so much but I do. Maybe it’s down to me being a middle class white teen in the 1970s who, like many of my contemporaries, had a fixation on gang fights. Anyhow, because I’ve watched the film so many times, I can practically act every scene. However, when I watched it this time, some lines were omitted.

Twice in the film, when the Ajax character is teased for being obsessed with women, his response is, “Maybe you’ve all gone faggot.” The line was cut out both times. In another scene, when three members of The Warriors hook up with a group of girls, one of the Warriors asks the girls where the guys are. One girl’s response is, “They took the night off, went up to the Bronx. Don’t worry, they’re lame, a bunch of real cripples.” This time, the “bunch of real cripples” was cut out. My question is why?

Is this another case of political correctness or woke gone mad? Was the TV station who showed the movie afraid of being labelled homophobic or insensitive to people with disabilities? In spite of what I’ve just written, I’m not going to make a big thing about it. Those lines were from a different time when different attitudes prevailed and I was never offended by those lines. At the time, they were responses and while not appropriate these days, was it necessary to cut them out of the film? I’m only asking.

My other insane point comes from current events. During the Vietnam war, Canada, along with many other European countries, gave asylum to American draft dodgers and military deserters. Sweden was particularly open about granting asylum. Now, I suspect that there are many young Russian adults who find the war in the Ukraine total bullsh*t and don’t want to fight. Will these same European nations be granting asylum to Russian draft dodgers and deserters? I hope they do.