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Michelle Nichols

It is my sad duty to report the passing of Hollywood legend Michelle Nichols, who died this past Saturday at the age of 89 from heart failure. Michelle had a long and prosperous acting career spanning many decades but she will most be known for her role as Lieutenant Uhura in the television series and subsequent films, “Star Trek.” Her role in “Star Trek” was ground breaking as she was the first African American woman to be given an important role in a major television series opening a gateway for many more African American actresses.

A recent picture of Michelle

About I year ago, after being accused of being un-woke, I wrote a post citing Michelle to be, in my opinion, the sexiest woman of Afro-Caribbean origin of all time. I still think that, sorry Beyonce. Whatever the case, I hope you will all join me in paying tribute to a truly great groundbreaking actress.

Rest in peace Michelle