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Eva Abley

A few weeks ago, I posted about a dance group called Born to Perform who, in spite of their special needs, wowed the audience and judges when the went on the UK television show, “Britain’s Got Talent.” Then the Saturday before last, a fourteen year old stand up comedian by the name of Eva Abley appeared on the show and blew everyone away with her stand up routine. What’s so special about that? You might ask. Well, what was special is that Eva suffers from cerebral palsy. Watch her performance and judge for yourself.

Wasn’t her routine brilliant? Many people will point out that instead of feeling sorry for herself, she has owned her disability and even made jokes about it. I believe that she is capable of much more original material but the truth is that she succeeded despite her disadvantage. On the flip side however, some misinformed people will use the accomplishment of this fantastic young lady to draw an erroneous conclusion that all people with cerebral palsy or special needs in general are capable of doing wonders. This isn’t always true, not everyone can be an Eva and it’s not fair to put expectations on anyone because of one other person, no matter how great their accomplishment.

Reading a little following the aftermath, Alesha Dixon, the only judge who hasn’t yet pressed her golden buzzer, got stick from some places for not doing so for Eva. To me, that’s the judge’s choice. There have been many acts just as good and only four golden buzzers. Maybe Alesha is waiting for something more, who’s to know. This brings me to the dark side of all this. People on both sides of the fence are probably making all sorts of negative comments. Okay, I haven’t come across any but I wouldn’t be surprised. Supporters will say that Eva’s disabilities should have been taken more into account while there will some who will downplay Eva’s accomplishments by stating that she only wowed the crowd because of her disability and is simply vying for the sympathy vote. It didn’t look like that to me.

One more fear I have is that the more ignorant will start using the successes of Eva and Born to Perform to say that anyone with special needs will be using their disabilities to go on BGT. That this will somehow lessen the talents of so-called normal people. It won’t but that’s bullies for you. When they see someone they deem inferior achieve, they set out to demean the achievement. As for me, I loved watching the talents of both Eva and Born to Perform and hope they will be on the same show in the semi final.

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