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Born to Perform on Britain’s Got Talent

Normally, I don’t watch television programmes like “Britain’s Got Talent” because to me, they are all a bit the same. Furthermore, I am in agreement with a comment made on my 80smetalman’s Blog many years ago which said, “Simon Cowell is a moron with tin for ears.” Mrs. 80smetalman, on the other hand, likes watching “BGT.” So, while I was plinking away on the computer, she was watching it the other night and I just happened to pop into the living room for a moment when this act was coming on. It was a dance troop called Born to Perform but what I noticed immediately about them as that all of the members had some form of special needs. Many had Down’s Syndrome and I am sure there were some who have Autism. Discovering this, I had to watch their performance which I am sharing below.

Were you impressed? I was. Sure, if one wanted to nitpick, there were times where they weren’t totally in sync with their dance moves but the passion they showed in the performance was just phenomenal! They won over the crowd and the judges. All four of them simply gushed over the group and rightfully so. Of course, I can point out that Simon Cowell and Amanda Holden (she’s the blonde lady on the panel) learned their lesson many years ago when singing sensation Susan Boyle walked out on stage and they acted patronizingly towards her. Anyway, I digress, but the best part was when judge David Walliams pushed the Golden Button ensuring the group’s place in the semi-final.

Susan Boyle- one person with Asperger’s who has definitely benefited by song.

Because all the members of Born to Perform have some sort of special needs, they were probably victims of bullying. After all, they were prime targets. Being a bullying victim myself, I am already envisioning the negative comments being thrown at them, although to be fair, I haven’t come across any yet. Bullies will cheapen the group’s hard work and success by saying that they only got through on account of playing the ‘special needs card’ and if they were ‘normal’, they wouldn’t have done so. Here’s my take: The members of Born to Perform have been at a disadvantage from day one. Often shunned by society, even the targets of bullying, they threw off the shackles of their disadvantage, worked their socks off, went on national television and totally wowed the audience, the judges and all of Great Britain and hopefully, my non-British readers have seen the above clip and they are wowing the world.

While I won’t start watching BGT on a regular basis, I will watch the semi-final and will be cheering Born to Perform on to victory. Saying that, they have already won a great victory, they have not only won me over but an entire nation.

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