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Scene from Up In Smoke

The main topics of Peaceful Rampage have always been around bullying, school shootings and issues related to autism and of course to plug my book, “He Was Weird,” I sometimes find it necessary for me to post about other topics which are of interest to me. Sometimes, I need to take a break and post about something different. Maybe that’s related to Asperger’s Syndrome. Therefore, slightly influenced by the recent Oscar’s although nothing to do with ‘the slap,’ I have decided to make this post about movie trailers because it’s been something my unusual mind has been thinking about recently.

It’s obvious to everyone that movie trailers tend to show the best parts of the film in order to entice moviegoers to see the film. However, I have been able to break this down even more, into specifics. Certain types of films will show the scenes which pertain largely to the theme of the movie. Therefore, I am going to go through a few genres and point out what I mean.

Comedy films: On trailers for comedies, you will see the funniest parts to the film in the trailer. This is the case of the vast majority of these types of films. Two notable exceptions were from two comedy films which are the two biggest party films of all time. Both came out in 1978. When the trailers for “Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke” came out, I don’t ever recall seeing the above picture in any of the trailers. Those who followed the famous comedy duo knew that the film was going to be about smoking weed but obviously, they couldn’t show that in the trailer. Still, the above scene was the funniest bit of the film. The other was “National Lampoon’s Animal House.” Another great party film but most of the funniest bits were sexual innuendos which couldn’t be shown on TV trailers. Still, most comedy trailers will show the funniest parts to the film.

War films: Guaranteed when a war movie comes out, the trailer will mainly show the combat portions of the film, no matter how disproportionate they were to the rest of the movie. This it to get men into the cinema to see the film. One notable point is that these days, filmmakers will not hold back in showing the horrors of war in their film but they, for obvious reasons, can’t show the most horrific scenes in the trailer.

Romantic films: Naturally, the trailer will show all the luvy-duvy bits to encourage the ladies to get their significant others to take them to see the movie. There might be a split second where the trailer shows the conflict between the loving couple but the trailer will leave you with the impression that the couple will make up and love each other forever.

Ronda Roussey and Michelle Rodriguez in Fast and Furious 7. Possibly the greatest movie female fight ever.

Now, here’s something else my strange mind has realized about movie trailers. If the film being advertised has a female fight in it, it’s almost guaranteed that a snippet or sometimes the entire length of that fight will appear in the trailer. I remember a film for television back in the 1970s called “The Daughters of Joshua Cabe.” As a hormone charged teen, I watched the film because most of the two-minute trailer focused on the fight between the daughters in the film. The fight lasted between five and ten minutes which was at most, one-tenth of the film. But with me and probably a lot of men and teenage boys, the trailer got me to watch the entire movie. Some films might only have a brief tussle between two ladies or even just a face slap but you can almost bet that it will be shown in the trailer.

Now, here’s something amusing. I have just watched the trailer to “Fast and Furious 7” and although I have called female fight in the film, the best one in cinema history, it doesn’t appear in the trailer. This could be more down to all the death defying stunts which are carried out in the movie. Which is another point, in action films, you will be entreated to all the stimulating action scenes in the trailer.

I thank all of you for indulging my insane mind and letting me post about movie trailers. Sometimes, my mind likes to wander and it’s best for my own sanity to allow it to do so. While most of what I wrote is stating the obvious about trailers, it’s something I like to write about.

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