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I promise that this will be the final post in regards to the slap at the Oscar’s. The whole thing is beginning to get boring now but with my Asperger’s, it has awakened something which lingers in the back of my mind. A lot of memories do that which has left me suffering from ‘intrusive thoughts’ but that’s not the point of this post.

When I first heard about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock over Chris’s comments about Will Smith’s wife, who suffers from alopecia, my first thought went back to a stereotype I had held about African American men for many years. That stereotype being that all black men use violence as a way of settling things. Now, I have encountered some African American men who do fit this stereotype. Likewise, I encountered white men who do, and if I want to stereotype further, a lot of those would be regarded as hillbillies or rednecks. However, while that might be true, it does seem that it’s the black men who are more likely to get labelled with the stereotype.

Race related buzz has been circulating all throughout the media since the slap occurred. There have been laments about how Will Smith has set the black cause back many years and the usual speculations that Will wouldn’t have come under such criticism if he and Chris Rock were white. Of course this has led to further shouts of ‘playing the race card’ and so on. I had to stop reading about the whole thing as it would have sent my brain into complete confusion. In fact, now that I got it all out on screen, I feel like my head has been cleared of it all, not that it was a major source of my thoughts this week. All I wanted to do was to relate the incident to bullying.

Therefore let me close out with the thought I posted yesterday and something Will Smith and anyone else who thinks they can use violence to achieve their ends should pay attention to:

A superior man uses his words, a common man uses his fists.

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