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The famous slap at the Oscar’s

Unless you’ve been living on Pluto over the past week, you would have undoubtedly heard about actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock when Mr. Rock made a comment about Smith’s wife Jada who has cut her hair very short because she suffers from alopecia. My question about this incident is: Was Will Smith being a bully or was he simply coming to the defense of his wife? Whoever wrote this letter to the Berkshire Gazette, (I am assuming it is Berkshire, England), definitely has a strong opinion on the matter.

Letter: Will Smith sets an example for bullies

  • Mar 30, 2022

To the editor: My congrats to Will Smith for setting such a fine example to children on how to deal constructively with angry feelings.

Him being a father and all, how can you not give him credit for that? If school bullying becomes more of a problem, don’t be surprised if Smith’s physical assault on Chris Rock at the Oscars is an inspiration, including Rock’s refusal to press charges.

Rock shouldn’t have shot his mouth off about Jada Smith like he did. At the same time, assault is assault. Slapping, punching, pushing, shoving — all assault. Will Smith’s actions were illegal. Him being a movie star makes it no less true. He should be arrested, charged and jailed.

Here’s the issue as far as I’m concerned. For generations upon generations, boys have been taught that the best way to get what they want in life is by using their fists. Many bullies adopt this philosophy and use it to the utmost when they bully. Therefore, it can be said that Smith was being the bully when he slapped Rock for his comments. In line with the above letter, it does send a message to children that violence is the way to solve things.

On the other hand, it is understandable that Smith was coming to the defense of his wife. It is no secret that Rock’s comments were totally out of order. Therefore, some will say that Smith was being chivalrous and not a bully. I can see the point here. My wife suffers from male pattern baldness and has found it easier to shave off all of her hair. She has been completely bald for five years. No one has ever said anything derogatory or insulting to her about it but if someone did, I might be tempted to act in similar fashion to Smith. However, I also know that any punk would not be worth risking arrest and all the implications which go with it but that wouldn’t stop me from voicing my disapproval at any comments. I would inform them of her condition and making comments about it isn’t right.

Here’s my conclusion. The slapping was a one-off incident and not bullying. I don’t think Will Smith will go around slapping Chris Rock again, nor will he use it as a threat in the future. That would make it bullying! Saying that, it does send a message to bullies that violence is the answer when it’s not.

On a lighter note: I am also sharing this piece on how the Houston police drove a boy who suffers from cerebral palsy to school after he was pushed out of his wheelchair by bullies because the boy dressed up for Career’s Day as a police officer. Well done to the Houston police. Please watch the video as it is a very heartwarming story.


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