Today, I have been thinking about the death of English radio and television presenter Caroline Flack who committed suicide two days ago. She had a lot of media attention over the past few weeks because she was due to go on trial over assaulting her boyfriend in spite of the boyfriend saying he did not want to prosecution to go on. Many UK tabloids, especially The Sun, had run several articles about her and not always in a good light. It is believed that the negative media publicity contributed to Caroline’s suicide.


The Sun

Already there have been calls from celebrities for the government to pass laws to limit media intrusion. I can see their point. While I totally champion freedom of the press, there is a limit on which they should be able to hound an individual. Naturally, this has got me thinking about how I would react if I suddenly received lots of media attention. My Asperger’s influenced, “What if it was me?” thoughts have now kicked into gear.

Here’s another great example of the contradictory paradox which is me. Thinking about The Sun newspaper, articles in it about how victims of crime have been let down by ‘loony rulings in the law’ and denied proper justice has greatly inspired my writing of the book I’m currently working on. Delusions of grandeur here but I’m kind of hoping The Sun will promote my book because the content agrees with their stances on miscarriages of justice on account of the law seeming to trample the rights of victims to protect those of criminals via slimy lawyers, politically correct policing and ‘right on’ judges.

On the other hand, my political views don’t agree with those that particular newspaper endorses. I’m too left of centre for them. Therefore, if I were to become a celebrity author, The Sun would brand me a ‘luvvie.’ Trust me, actress Emma Thompson is constantly called it by this newspaper. Anyway, because of that, I would fear that if I said anything that paper didn’t agree with, they and other like minded papers, would have the knives out for me. I don’t know how long I’d be able to cope with a determined media intrusion against me, especially with my past which has often led me to see myself as a victim. While I’m not saying that it would lead me to follow in the footsteps of Ms Flack, I know it would cause me lots of anxieties which could lead to near disasterous results. Therefore, I can see why people would want legislation on limiting how much the media can intrude on an individual’s life.


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