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Thinking further about last week’s post about prisoner exchanges where if someone from your country, gets arrested on trumped up charges in another country, your country arrests someone from that country on similar charges then do a prisoner exchange. As typical with me, my thoughts go on further. Recently, an incident occurred where a person is suspected of committing a crime in another country (innocent until proven guilty) but fled back to their own country as opposed to facing the charges in the country they are accused. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m talking about American Anne Sacoolas who, in Britain, ran over and killed British teen Harry Dunn but instead of facing the charges in the UK, fled back to the US under the guise of diplomatic immunity.

As an American, I find the actions of Mrs Sacoolas embarrassing. She should go back to Britain and face the justice system. If anything, the British legal system is fair and thus her treatment will be so. Trump should stop dragging his heels and waive the diplomatic immunity and extradite Sacoolas back to Britain. If the US government is worried about what might happen at her trial, they can always spring for a top UK defense barrister. But no, her getting away with killing a young boy of any nationality with a car and running away under the cover of diplomatic immunity is not the way to deal with it.

Now, I bet there are many Americans right now who are screaming, “What about that UK autistic man who hacked into US government computers? The UK didn’t allow him to be extradited.” True, but there are some differences. Main one was that the boy did not commit the crime on US soil and the UK legal system did deal with it. More importantly, he did not kill an American, accidentally or otherwise. But we can go back even further. Imagine the outcry in the US if back in 1997, the British nanny who was convicted in the US for shaking a baby to death escaped under the blanket of diplomatic immunity. They would not have been too happy about it.

So, here’s my proposal: If in the near future, a Briton is charged with a crime in the US, the UK government allow that person to flee back to the UK under diplomatic immunity. When the US complains, say to them, we’ll extradite our person if you extradite Anne Sacoolas. Make it an extradition exchange. It might solve the problem.