First of all, I’d like to thank Penny and Jess for all their positive comments on last week’s post when I was stressing over what seems to be a declining readership here on WordPress. It proved that there is still a community here on the site. Their positive feedback did go a long way to relieve some of my anxieties. However, not every one of them and that was largely down to me.

My main anxiety was from my first day of supply (substitute) teaching last week. I was anxious as hell over how the day went and for the next three days after, I was on tenderhooks worrying that I was going to get a call from the agency saying the school wasn’t happy with me and that they didn’t want me back.

As the hours passed over the three days, (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), my anxieties lessened little by little. I tried to logic it out on Wednesday and then on Thursday that if the school had an issue with me, they would have already phoned the agency to tell them. And unlike one agency I used to work for, this agency is very good at coming back with any negative feedback and very positive feedback as well. So, by Thursday afternoon, I was getting confident that things were okay.

Then that’s when it happened! Around 2pm, while on the phone to my daughter, I get a text from the agency saying that they needed me to move schools. “That’s it,” I thought, “The school had some issue with me and didn’t want me back.” I dutifully rang the agency and my contact informed me that the reason she needed me to move schools was that there was a need to fill a vacancy at a Special Needs school and because I had been to the school before and I lots of SEN experience and it’s my preference, it was best all around if I went to that school. So, with a sigh of relief and a big ‘thank you’ from the contact, hell, her name is Becky, I went to the Special Needs school, feeling very happy and relieved and had a great day.

Anyone reading this is probably saying that I worried over nothing. That’s not true! Ask anyone with Asperger’s and they will tell you that they worry over everything, no matter how slight. In my case, I have had past experiences in supply teaching which caused me to worry about this. True, it worked out for me this time and it does in most cases but that won’t stop me from worrying next time it comes about. Telling me not to worry about it is going about it the wrong way.

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