Having been raised in a strong Christian household, it is only natural that religious arguments creep into my theories about life on other planets. Some faiths argue that we are alone in the universe but I don’t agree with this. It’s hard for me to believe that in this infinite universe, the only life there is just happens to be on this small blue planet. No, my mind hasn’t been corrupted by Satan, I arrived at this conclusion during my heavy religious days. However, during my decade with the Mormons, it is that faith that best coincides with my belief. Mormons believe that many worlds have come and gone before our world was created and many more will do the same after our world has passed. I believe that there are many peopled worlds out there right now, though I highly doubt we will make contact with them. FFI read my post:

Take my previous post on life on Venus. Who is to say that the planet wasn’t once a thriving world which eventually passed away before the building blocks of life became available on Earth? Besides, if I was God, I might think that with the ever increasing heat of the Sun, simply have one planet be born and thrive and when that planet dies, move onto the next one as the Sun gets hotter. It just makes the creation job easier. That brings me to the crux of this post. My theory is that the Sun’s heat will continue to increase and eventually our world will die and the building blocks for life will pass onto the next planet, Mars.

Of course, there are complications to my theory since the Martian atmosphere is evaporating away. Here’s where science fiction can become reality. Mars’s atmosphere is mainly carbon dioxide and little free oxygen. Therefore, as the carbon dioxide evaporates away, the Sun heats the planet in such a way that when it warms up enough, oxygen somehow develops in the air and eventually life is established on Mars. By the time human life occurs on Mars and they develop the tools to see into the stars, Earth will be like Venus is now. A hot hell hole with a poisonous atmosphere and no life.

Thanks to the encouragement of two people who actually read my post about life on Venus, I might write that novel about two spaceships taking off in their own time and landing on the other’s planet, thinking it’s their own. A great end to the story is that two more rockets take off, only the other one blasts off from Mars a few billion years in the future. It does lead to a sequel if enough people like the first story.

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