Planet Venus

Like with so many people with Asperger’s Syndrome, I have interests which lay dormant in my brain but come to the surface from time to time. Recently, a current television show called “The Planets” has triggered my interest in the planets of our solar system. Note: there was another series called “Planets” in 1999, which I watched and loved but is now out of date. In that series, the Cassini Probe was only two years into its mission to Saturn. After orbiting the planet for thirteen years, the probe ran out of fuel and disappeared into Saturn’s dense atmosphere in 2016.

The first episode of this new series of “The Planets” focused on the four inner planets, Venus and Mercury especially. What caught my inquiring mind was the programme said that the Sun started out a lot cooler than what it is now and it will only get hotter as time passes. Billions of years ago, the Sun had a temperature that made it possible for Venus to have a more temperate atmosphere and oceans as well. Now for the bit which proves my insanity.

If Venus was capable of such a climate, then wouldn’t it have been possible for the planet to have sustained life? Animal, plant and even human life could have been possible. This is my hypothesis: That billions of years ago, there was human life on Venus, long before any signs of life came about on our Earth. Like our time, humans built civilizations, had wars and like so many humans today, stripped the planet of its resources, and fouled the water and the air. The high levels of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases on the planet gives a hint of this possibility. While science may shoot me down, I can’t help thinking that Venus was once an inhabited planet which simply passed away a few billion years ago. Then as the Sun got hotter, Venus became inhabitable and that same increased heat made it possible for those same conditions for life on Earth. Why not?

Being a writer, my insanity has also given me an idea for a future book. Billions of years ago, a manned rocket blasts off from Venus into space. Yes, people on Venus would have had the same curiosity about space exploration as we do. In the near future, a rocket blasts off from Earth. Both spacecrafts get sucked into a black hole of sorts and after a bumpy ride, return to what they think is their planet. However, it’s the other craft’s planet. The Venusian ship lands on Earth in modern times and the Earthling ship lands on Venus billions of years ago. Astronauts from both ships discover that somehow they are on the wrong planet and both are determined to get back to their own planet and time. Of course, the populations of the planets they are now on think these astronauts must have gone crazy whilst in space, thus adding an interesting dimension to the story. What do you think? Does it sound like a good story or am I being insane?

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