Marilyn Manson- He didn’t inspire Mark in He Was Weird

We’ve all had these days when we want to do wonders and miracles but when it comes right down to it, we just can’t be bothered. That is exactly how I have been today. When I got home from work this afternoon, I was determined to make another post about my disillusionment with the left. However, after a 24 hour shift and then taking advantage of a break in the British weather where I got a lot of gardening work done. Now, I just don’t feel like writing such an ambitious post.

The other side of my Asperger’s mind is making another suggestion. The post in question was going to be based on racism and how the left is quick to brand anyone who doesn’t agree with them a racist. This subject has always been an anxiety producing hot potato in my mind because some of my own personal experiences in this area have come into conflict with some of my left wing beliefs in that same area. The extreme contradictions in the two camps, in fact, has triggered a war inside my head. FFI, you can read this post:

Therefore, I’m just going to leave with these thoughts. I believe that any race can be a perpetrator or a victim of racist acts. Unfortunately, just saying that will be enough for some on the left to say I’m racist. Saying that, I will say this to white people who, like me, at one time, drone on about reverse racism. This thought comes from a white South African who said that the best way to get rid of reverse racism is to eradicate the racism which brought it about in the first place. He makes a good point.

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