Fortunately, sexist attitudes towards women or men taking certain jobs has softened quite a bit. They haven’t been fully abolished but great strides have been made in my own lifetime towards it. Take for example my wife who, before her health deteriorated, was a bricklayer. Very recently, I have discovered that my prospective future daughter in law’s mother teaches carpentry. That was something one never would have expected when I was younger. As for me, I worked as a care assistant in a nursing home for three years, (not together). That used to be considered a woman’s job and forty years ago, just because I had that job, my sexuality would have been called into question. Thankfully, that’s not the case these days.

“Where am I going with this?” you might ask. Well, yes it’s another ambush, I’m applying it to my disillusion with the left. A couple of months ago, I wrote a post showing a women’s ‘midget’ wrestling match. I pointed out the reason why we don’t have wrestling matches like this any longer is because well meaning liberals cried out that it was exploitation. True, it might have been the case. However, what I didn’t say in that post was that taking away the livelihoods of those wrestlers wasn’t the answer. What I did say was that instead of making these ladies out to be side show freaks, which they weren’t, we need to change our attitudes and see them as serious competitors. While stopping midget wrestling might have satisfied a few self important do-gooders, it put people out of work and that links to my post two weeks ago. The left put people out of work on the basis of a principle.

Here’s the gender issue. Feminists up and down the land have been calling for the banning of attractive women who either carry the round number at boxing matches, escort male players into the venue at darts competitions or hold up placards at car races. While, I see their point that it is focusing on women’s appearance instead of their intellect, banning them and subsequently putting these women on the unemployment line was not the answer. Some will argue that these ladies are free to get ‘real’ jobs where they can use skills other than their looks. Okay, they may have a small point but are those on the left who have just put these ladies out of a job going to help them find another job? I don’t think so. Besides, I know of women who see no problem of using their looks to earn a living. It should be left up to the individual.

My proposal to this is simply to have attractive males in those jobs at women’s version of those sports. During a women’s boxing match have a male in speedos carry the round number and males to escort female darts players into a competition. Furthermore and this is going off track a little, with all the fuss of female beach volley ball players playing in bikinis at the Olympics, make the men play on speedos. Two results will come of this. One, we’ll have men using their looks to make a living and more gender equality or the plug will be pulled on it totally. I hope not the latter because I wouldn’t want to take a job away from anyone.

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