Aha, I fooled you! When I titled my last post “My Disillusionment With the Left- War,” I saw that no one outside of my followers read that post. War isn’t a nice subject to talk about but my anxieties are such that maybe the title inferring why I have become disillusioned with the political left has me thinking that people don’t want to read about that. Probably so, but under the guise of another title, I am going to ramble on more about my misgivings with the left, this time in regards to employment.

First, let’s take the right, not the far right who want to employ some socialist policies to finance their militaristic hate agenda. I’m talking about conservative types who are in favour of full big business style capitalism. These people are the first to shout how they are creating jobs for people and yada on about trickle down economics. However, when profit margins drop these people are the first to put their workers on the unemployment line. Workers are sacrificed and sometimes even blamed for when profits are down and to me, that sucks. I could rant on more about it but I won’t.

Let me begin my problem with the left with a personal experience. Twenty years ago, I worked as a market research interviewer. In that job, I would knock doors or stop people in the streets and ask questions on topics ranging from beer to cars to bath products and so on. I don’t debate those who say that I’m helping the capitalist machine with this job. That’s the thing, it was a job. When doing that job, I would sometimes encounter those on the left who didn’t believe in market research because it helped to grease the wheels of capitalism. One gentleman in particular ranted about it so much that in my annoyance, I stated that it helped me keep a roof over my family’s head. His response was, “There are other jobs.”


Nice guy probably but his theory is unworkable.

Yes, there are other jobs and I bet Margaret Thatcher said the exact same thing when she closed all the coal mines putting thousands of miners on the dole. Here’s my problem: while conservative types will put people out of work in order to line their own pockets through increased profits, the left want to put people on the dole to satisfy some starry eyed ideal. For me, that’s even worse.

Let’s take market research for example. Say we do achieve an economy based on production for need as opposed to profit. An idea I’m quite down with by the way. How are we supposed to find out what people’s needs are in order to economically meet them? The Soviet idea of central planning did not work. The best way is to find out what people’s needs are through research. Note: I don’t think a need based economy would want to call it market research. Therefore, you would need people to carry out the research in order to find out what the needs are and then production can meet those needs. I know that it isn’t as simple as I am making it sound but I think it is a step In the right direction.

That’s me done for another week with another rant about the left. BTW, I still consider my politics to be left of centre but my Aspergers mind wants me to point out the flaws in some of those left wing philosophies. This way I won’t end up like the Paul Whitehouse character who agrees with every point until he hits overload.


The confused guy from The Fast Show

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