I would like for you to watch a presentation. This is a female ‘midget’ wrestling match between Princess Little Dove and Diamond Lil. Now I know that some people out there are offended by the very terms used to describe the wrestling match but hopefully you will watch this with an open mind and will come to an understanding of the objective I am trying to achieve here.


Now that you’ve seen it, how do you see these two wrestlers? Do you see them as some sort of side show freaks? Because they’re not. Were you totally disgusted by it? Some people may have been “turned on” by watching the match. There’s no shame here, the height of a person has no bearing if one his attracted to them. Being attracted to someone who is a different height, weight or skin colour does not make someone strange or weird.

What I do hope is that some of you out there may have seen what I saw. Two professional wrestlers giving their all in a wrestling match. Both goody and baddie played there roles very well here. They also demonstrated that they had wrestling training and skill. Okay, there were no flashy aerial moves but these two wrestlers used what abilities they did have and put on a really good show.

During the time this match took place, it was either the late 1970s or early 80s, both women’s and what was then called midget’s wrestling was billed as some sort of side show. Being both dwarfs and females, Princess Little Dove and Diamond Lil had the worst of both worlds. Many people at the time would have thought lady midget wrestling a side show act. They shouldn’t have thought that way.

Women’s wrestling has evolved more and is now taken seriously these days, even if the WWE requires the women to be eye candy. Side note: long reigning women’s champion the Fabulous Moolah was not considered attractive to most people but she had great wrestling talent.

Dwarf wrestling has been pushed to almost non-existence. Because they were seen as side show attractions due to their lack of height, the liberal elite has stepped in and stopped it on the grounds they were saving the dignity of those participants. To me, that was the wrong approach to the right idea. These wrestler’s should never have been seen as side show attractions or something to be made fun of. ‘Midget’ wrestlers possessed the same technical skill in wrestling as their normal sized colleagues. I remember watching these guys and seeing the body slams and flying drop kicks and many other moves executed with the same skill and finesse as it were the so called regular wrestlers. If more attention had been focused on their skills rather than their height or gender and seen as proper wrestlers, then they would be a major feature in these modern times.

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