Thinking on from my last post, I have always been an admirer of women in sports. Don’t ask me the hows and whys but watching women in sports has always fascinated me. However, that is also probably why I have been fearful of vocalizing my opinions about women’s sports. I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll be branded some strange pervert by women who look down their nose at women’s sports. These are the ladies who think that sports is ‘unladylike’ and are even more brutal than men in branding women who play sports as lesbians and men who support these female athletes are only doing so because of some sexual fantasy.

Now that I have managed to put those fears to one side, I am now going to speak out in support of women’s sports. Women have every right as men do to play any sport they wish without slurring, having their sexual orientation questioned or any other form of discrimination thrown at them. Furthermore, they should have access to the same standard of equipment and training as the men. My example from last week was how 20 years ago, women’s ice hockey suffered inadequate coaching and access to other facilities like decent ice time. In short, women’s hockey wasn’t taken seriously at all and this to me is very wrong!


My biggest gripe however, is the attitudes towards women’s boxing. This has been the subject of many negative platitudes from both men and women. My ex wife once called women’s boxing ‘disgusting.’ It’s not disgusting. Then there are what I call ‘humanitarian fascists’ who justify their sexist attitudes on supposed humanitarian grounds. They’re argument was that women’s bodies weren’t designed to take such a pounding and in the interests of their own safety, women should not be allowed to box. How can they say this when they do not possess a women’s body? I’m quite sure a lady is very capable in deciding how much punishment her body can take. The decision to box should be hers and hers alone. My anxieties are returning now because this is probably where I stand the biggest chance of being branded a pervert. Let me tell you, I don’t get any gratification from watching women box, some men might but not me. I assure everyone that after every one of Nicola Adams’ fights, I did not go and lock myself in the toilet for ten minutes. I was too busy cheering her victories.


2012 and 2016 Olympic boxing gold medalist, Nicola Adams

In short, I enjoy watching women playing sports no matter what the sport is. I enjoy watching the men. I don’t think people will question my sexual orientation just because of the latter statement nor should they do so at the former. Nobody else should have any issue with women or men playing sports and there should be equal access to training, coaching and equipment.

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