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Nice guy probably but his theory is unworkable.

First of all, I like to thank you, my readers, for comments and all the likes on my post, “I Need Motivation to Write.” That has given me the kick start I needed and once again, I have been putting pen to paper and the feeling has been rewarding. Now for the not so good side. As usual, my Asperger’s type mind has been throwing in the what ifs and while I am determined to finish my third novel by the end of this year, there are anxieties creeping into my mind, which I fear will hinder me in completing said novel.

To bring you all up to speed, the new novel I am working on will be called “The V- Network.” It’s about a group of people who are individually let down by the British justice system who go on to form a vigilante group. The let downs come in many forms. Some of them are police who go charging in and arrest the intended victim of the crime or in some cases do not do their jobs properly. In other cases, it’s down to shifty lawyers and ‘right on’ judges. However, one thing I don’t do is somehow portray the let downs in the legal system are down to those in the system being lefty, bleeding heart liberals and that’s where my anxieties come from.

The big misconception many people have about rising crime rates is that it’s all down to do-gooders and liberal attitudes. While these attitudes do play a part in the causes of crimes in the form of things like lenient sentencing, they are not the total cause. My novel could be considered as being taken from a right wing or conservative approach because the perpetrators of the crime don’t get the justice they deserve. I’m worried that I will be accused of betraying my left wing principals and that I am moving to the right because of the story-line. I’m not!

Saying that and here’s a further example of how my mind works, while I still consider myself left of centre, (on the American spectrum, that makes me a raving communist), there is a lot about the left which I have become disillusioned with. Some of their lofty ideas don’t work in the real world and I live in the real world. Well, at least most of the time anyway. The problem with me is that my mind’s filter is very weak and everything gets through and is taken into consideration. Some might say that’s a great trait being open minded and though I don’t want to go the other way, this also causes my mind to go into overload and that’s not good either.

What all this means is that for me to get my mind in order and to unburden my soul, the next several posts, in between song lyric quotes, will be dedicated to my disillusion with the left and how my mind and hopefully others can go forward from there. I hope you will all come along for the ride.

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