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Yesterday, I saw a presentation, I think it might have been Youtube but I haven’t been able to find it yet, about the misreporting of school shootings in the USA. Today, I’m kicking myself for not keeping the Google Alert where I found the article but that’s down to my mental health. Following my normal routine, I automatically deleted the alert, then a few hours later, I realized that this would be a good subject for my next post. That’s my delayed action memory at work here and that’s why I can’t show you the video.

Columbine Shooting-

What this video claimed was that the US Education Department says that there have been 240 school shootings this year when in fact there was only 11. Their evidence said that the Education Department backed up by the ‘liberal’ media has stretched the definition of a school shooting to substantiate their agenda. The presenters in the video said that the media claimed that any discharge of a weapon in or near a school was called a school shooting when it fact it wasn’t. Examples included a gun being accidentally discharged in a school and someone committing suicide with a gun while sitting in his car outside of a school. To this group, these weren’t school shootings and the liberals were only calling it such to strengthen their campaign against the National Rifle Association for tougher gun laws. Their conclusion was since the number of school shootings was actually so low, there is no need for tougher gun laws. 

Let’s look at this. First, maybe the ‘liberal’ media has gone too far in calling any gun discharge a school shooting and maybe there were only 11 school shootings in the real sense of the term. In my opinion, that is still 11 too many and therefore, does not change my desire to see tougher gun laws in America. Looking at the their descriptions of school shootings that weren’t, there was a gun near a school, that gun was fired and in some cases, even with the suicide, there was a casualty. Call it a school shooting or not, in these cases there was a shooting of some kind. The semantics of what people want to call it makes no difference. Furthermore, if anything, it further forwards the argument for gun control. The NRA and other organizations playing around with technical terms has little to do with it.

Shameless plug to “He Was Weird:” There would be no question what to call the shooting which happens in the story, it was a school shooting and according to one reader, a brutal one. Arguing about what to call it would have made no difference, especially to all the victims.

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