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Lorraine Kelly

A couple of weeks ago, I was praising UK TV presenter Lorraine Kelly for her praise of American actor Rami Malek for his portrayal of Queen legend Freddie Mercury in the new film “Bohemian Rhapsody.” It turns out that Lorraine is back to her usual self of dissing America. Now, I am not one of those flag waving, fanatically patriotic types. I will say when America gets it wrong and I often do. However, in her column in “The Sun,” she is always quick to point the accusing finger at America at the first opportunity, even when a similar event occurs elsewhere.

For and foremost, I agree with everything she wrote in her column about the shooting in an LA night club at the weekend. Shooting tragedies have been allowed to go on for too long in America and there needs to be more gun control in the US. However, one thing she fails to point out was the shooter was a veteran, a decorated one at that. I’m not sure of his personal details, but I would not be surprised if he was suffering from PTSD. Lorraine would have been very quick to point that out if it had been a British veteran. That too had an effect as to why he shot up that club as much as his access to guns. The two of those combined make a lethal combination.

Now that the above rant is over, I want to make another point. When I pointed it out on here three weeks ago, Lorraine made no mention of the school shooting in Russia which occurred back then. It was just as tragic and there are many frightening similarities between that shooting and ones which happen in America. Still, it only got a brief mention in UK papers and not one word from Lorraine about it.

One could counter that the Russian shooting was a one off while things like this happen nearly every day in the US. True, but the worrying thing is that mass shootings seem to be expanding outside the US borders. There has been a shooting in Canada and nearly one in the UK. Furthermore, there was no discussion of gun laws and gun ownership in Russia. No debate as to whether the shooting was carried out because the shooter had easy access to firearms, nothing. Instead, Lorraine would just like to point her finger at ‘gun toting Yanks’ ignoring the fact, like many British do, that there are many Americans who want tougher gun laws. Fortunately for other countries, like Russia, there are no groups like the NRA who have loads of money and politicians in their pockets to keep gun laws as they are.

Aftermath of Kerch College Shooting in the Crimea

That wasn’t the only thing Lorraine said about us ‘daft’ Yanks. Yep, she called Americans that in her column the previous week because when the British TV drama, “The Bodyguard,” was shown in the US, some couldn’t understand why the man was calling his female boss, “Mum.” Some Americans, thought there was some sort of incestuous relationship going on between the two main characters. Yes, I’m laughing at them too but a quick explanation that “Mum” is a term used to address women in positions of authority, especially in the police force would have quashed doubts in most Americans. Ok, maybe not the ones who think with their bibles. Still, for Lorraine Kelly, it was just another opportunity for her to bash America, something she loves doing so much.