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You know, maybe I should do this as a regular blog. Being an American who has now lived more than half his life in Great Britain, I have a lot of thoughts and insights in regards to both countries. While it may seem that I have a lot of food for thought and I do, however, I don’t think it would be enough to fill a regular weekly blog. Still, I will share my thoughts when the situation warrants me doing so.

First, in regards to last week’s post on this subject, I have to give Lorraine Kelly credit where it’s due. Normally, she rubbishes American actors who play British roles. After all, she thinks Hollywood actors are all pampered spoiled brats, Actually, she has a point here. On this occasion though, she has sung the praises of how well American, yes American, actor Rami Malek has portrayed the role of legendary Queen singer Freddie Mercury in the new film, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” For those living on Jupiter, Freddie Mercury was English. To read how much Lorraine is impressed with Rami in the role was uplifting. So Lorraine, even though I still think you’re a blatant American hater, I applaud you for your words about Rami Malek.

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury

Since my last post, I have had more thoughts as a Yank in the UK. First is the merging of opposites relating to police forces in both countries. Much has been made in the US and UK about American police officers indiscriminately shooting African American men. While the occurrences are often exaggerated in the media, the fact that this is a seemingly regular phenomenon and the fact that it happens doesn’t fill me with patriotic zeal for my country of birth. On the other hand, Britain has had to deal with gangs of Asian men grooming and sexually abusing young girls, most of whom are white. The police were very slow to address the issue hiding behind the excuse that if they had intervened, they would have been called ‘racist.’ To me, that is just a lame answer in an attempt to cover up lazy police work. Both countries police forces come together when it comes to what has been commonly referred to as ‘black on black’ crime. African American gangs have been a problem in America since the 1950s and recently there have been many cases of black men stabbing each other in the streets of many of Britain’s major cities. Both nation’s police forces seem to be of the mind that if blacks are killing each other, it’s no major matter. I think it is.

Did anyone watch the Philadelphia Eagles vs Jacksonville Jaguars game this past Sunday? Wembley Stadium in London was full to capacity. Not bad for a country who thinks American football isn’t popular.

Philadelphia Eagles

As I sign off for this week, I will leave you with one final amusing thought. Throughout my life living in two separate countries, I have met many Americans who I would like take to a pub full of (insert English Premiership football club here) supporters. Likewise, I have met many Brits who I would like to take to a redneck bar in rural USA. It would be very interesting to see what transpires in both settings.

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