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Preaching to the choir here because everyone knows that Christmas is a time for relaxation and all that, the run up to it is rather stressful. For someone with Aspergers Syndrome, that stress can be multiplied many-fold. I am no different. That was why when we went to do the major food shop before Christmas, my anxiety levels were at a concerning high.

For the most part, the shop went relatively well without any significant rises in my anxiety levels. There was a small blip when we went to the booze aisle and the cider my step-children like wasn’t there and those levels rose slightly when I couldn’t find my traditional bottle of Black Tower wine but fortunately, there was an assistant there to show me exactly where my wine was, crisis averted. Normally, the checkout counter is a real stresser for me as I try to pack the shopping in a practical way. This can be hard when items sail down the conveyor belt too fast. Again, my step-daughter and step-granddaughter were great in assistance. I wish I had maturity at thirteen that my step-granddaughter has.

Even after the shopping was done, those anxieties didn’t go away. It didn’t help that while driving home, some nitwit who wanted to be Lewis Hamilton nearly drove up my bum and then honked his horn at me like it was my fault. That made the levels climb a little but once I got to KFC, they went down again. Food has always been a great de-stresser for me.

Back home, I had to not only deal with putting the shopping away, I had to clean the kitchen before doing so. My wife went and step-daughter went to another store to get the few things the first one ran out of. It was when they got home, I had the short sharp rise. I had left the keys in the door and in my mind, I committed a horrible crime. While punching myself in the head brought the anxiety levels down, I wouldn’t recommend it as a strategy for doing so.

The food has been bought, the presents are under the tree and now I am looking for a nice relaxing Christmas. Though I have to work Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I don’t expect it to be any stressful as there will only be one service user there and he’s no trouble. However, my point is that Christmas can be stressful and it can cause high anxiety in people, even cause them to snap. Here’s a light-hearted song by Weird Al Yankovic about Santa snapping, it’s all in good fun.

So, with that, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas. Oh yeah, it is tradition that I make the awful joke that Americans don’t celebrate Boxing Day. They have Wrestling Day instead. Drum roll please.

My impression of what Wrestling Day would look like