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Really, I should just be able to put a big ‘NO’ to this and move on because actually, I think most people would agree that no one has the right to hate anyone else. But if I ended it there, where would be the fun in that? The sad truth is that there are many people out there who genuinely do feel they have the right to hate others. While I won’t go into any specific examples there are plenty of them. This hatred arises from some wrong done to a person or it may have been done to their family, friends, love ones etc or even to their ancestors. Whatever the reason behind it, the question remains, does anyone have the right to hate?

I thought I did when I was thirteen. After I moved out of the town that inflicted so much pain and bullying on me to the point that I wrote “He Was Weird,” I came to a conclusion about many of my bullies. I noticed that the majority of my bullies in that town I lived in, along with the bullies, although a lot less severe, in the two towns I had lived in prior, all had one thing in common: They were Catholic and therefore I had the right to hate all Catholics. Adding more fuel to the fire was earlier that year, I had gone through my confirmation classes at my church and the one item that stayed in my mind was when the pastor stated that the reason why we were in the Protestant Church was to protest against the false teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, I had all the ammunition I needed to justify my hatred.

Fortunately, this hatred didn’t last very long. One thing that hastened its end was the fact that I knew a lot of Catholics who were good to me. Then a few years later, I experienced bullying within my own church youth group. I really couldn’t say that Catholics were behind that bullying. No matter what the circumstance, no one has the right to hate, at least groups of people because a few persons within that group treated one badly. It’s just simply bad stereotyping.

Now to the shameless link to “He Was Weird.” To make a long story short, Mark doesn’t hate any one group of people. Instead, he hates most of the people in the town of Ramsgate for the suffering they have inflicted on him. In fact, feedback from one reader stated that when Mark was shooting up the school, you could feel him releasing all of his hate. Not even Mark would have a right to hate the entire town, though he might be forgiven for hating his actual bullies. I know I did for a long time. However, I knew that keeping all of that hate inside me would have eaten away at me so I let it go. No one should feel that they have a right to hate.

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