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Before the New Year, my last post was about me being in a mental minefield over not being invited out to a work’s Christmas party. First and foremost, I would like to thank the people who took the time to comment both on here and Facebook. All of the advice given was extremely appreciated and all was considered before making any decision.

Today, I acted on it. Returning to work at the club after the holidays, the manager and I were the first persons in this morning. I simply asked her who organized the night out before Christmas. She informed me that the night out wasn’t a Christmas party but a leaving do for someone who left just before the holidays. Digesting this new information, I informed the manager that I would have liked to have been invited and she seemed to agree that I should have been.

While that has cleared some things up for me, there are still some questions swirling around in my mind. This lady who was leaving and I had worked together quite a bit throughout the summer and it seemed we had a good working, professional relationship. To my knowledge, I have given her no reason to dislike me and that feeds the whirlpool in my mind. Did I say or do something to annoy her? I can’t think of anything but I know that in the past, I have offended people without actually meaning to. Therefore, that thought is in the back recesses of my brain and letting me know its presence.

What keeps those thought from coming forward is down to something else the manager said. When this colleague announced the night out, it was done in the presence of many of the ‘regular’ staff. I wasn’t present and because I am relief, inviting me was simply overlooked. While, I am ready to accept that it was a tiny mistake and not going to raise hell over it, I do think that after being with that club for eight years, I shouldn’t be over looked and be invited out as a member of the team. In this instance, I will give the benefit of the doubt and believe that my not being invited was simply a mistake.

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