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No matter how bad the bullying was or how anxious I was about anything, Christmas would temporarily wipe out any negativity on my part. Getting gifts as a child, especially if it was something I was longing for, made me the happiest person on the planet at that moment and there was nothing that could take it away from me.


When I was serving my country overseas, Christmas would still be merry because I believed I carried that good feeling with me. I can’t even say what I consider my worst Christmas wasn’t all that bad. That was my first year in England. I was attending university at the time and all of my friends went home, even the American ones. I wasn’t a rich American and because the US government was taking its time getting my VA educational benefits to me, I couldn’t afford to. However, even that wasn’t a disaster. Some of the students from the Orient were there so I wasn’t alone and an English friend introduced me to the art of home brewing, so I was able to make my Christmas merry nonetheless.

When I became a father, watching my children’s faces light up when they opened their gifts was my greatest joy of the day. Even when I wasn’t there to see it, the thrill in their voices when I rang them up on Christmas day to thank me for their gifts was a great feeling.

Christmas will always be a special day for me. It’s the one day where all anxieties and worries take a break and let me enjoy one day of the year. Therefore, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate it, then Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

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