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First, I hope everyone in the US had a happy Thanksgiving. As an American living in the UK for 29 years, it is the one American holiday I love to celebrate. The best thing about it was that I got to have three Thanksgiving meals! First, my eldest son and his girlfriend cooked one, then I cooked one at one of the houses I work at. All five of the gentlemen living there, thoroughly enjoyed. My third one was with my daughter and younger son, which their mother cooked. All three meals were very delicious. Technically, I had a fourth. By the actual Thanksgiving Day, I was all turkeyed out so I took my wife, stepson and his girlfriend out for Italian. That was great too. It is also why I didn’t post last week, I didn’t have the time.

The week before last was Anti- Bullying Week. I never knew it and only found out that week while I was working at as a supply teacher in a primary school. My normal practice when I begin the day on supply is give the children a couple of minutes at the start of the day to ask questions about me. This avoids later disruption of lessons and allows the children to get to know me. Usually, I get the normal questions like “Are you American?” and “Who’s your favourite English football team?” However, on this day, one pupil asked me if I had ever been bullied. My standard answer to this over the last two and a half years has been, “Yes, I wrote a book about it.”


Naturally, the class got really excited and I was asked if I could read my book to them. After getting the positive nod from an teaching assistant, I told the children that I would read them some of “He Was Weird,” provided behaviour was satisfactory and all classwork was complete. Now, I didn’t have a copy of the book with me so I printed the extract I have on my author’s den site and had an assistant retrieve it for me.

My plan worked, the class behaved to the point that even the TA’s were impressed and set work was completed. Therefore, in keeping with my end of the bargain, I read them a few paragraphs from the book. It all seemed to go well and the pupils did seem to like what the heard. When I left the school that day, I had a very good feeling that it had been a successful day and I got to relay my story as part of Anti- Bullying Week.


From what I have just written, it would seem that the story would have a happy ending. Unfortunately, it was not the case. The next day, I had a phone call from my supply agency. They told me that the class teacher was very upset that I didn’t follow her lesson plans. That bull crap was bad enough but here’s the real kicker. The school also claimed that I had spent the day ‘plugging my book’ and not doing any teaching. Furthermore, they also stated that I had printed off fliers about the book and handed them out to the class. Of course, I protested my innocence but the agency’s response was “That was what the school had said.” As a result, the school has asked the agency not to send me there again. I’m not really bothered. After all do I really want to go back to a school that stabbed me in the back and lied about me.

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