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Hooray! This is the final chapter in my accounts of the bullies who appeared in “He Was Weird” to cause so much pain and misery to the main character Mark. This post is dedicated to the character of David Fitzpatrick. Now David is not the normal type of bully Mark has to deal with. Instead, he is the most cowardly form of bully. Sure, he does tease Mark and even call him names but Mark never walks the school halls in fear of David like he does with so many of the others. What he does is encourage others to bully Mark and steps back to enjoy the show.

The one big instance occurs during “The Episode.” Mark is beaten up by a boy named Danny Hamer and while that happens, David wrecks Mark’s bike by kicking the seat and the stick shift, breaking both. He is taken aback afterwards when Mark’s mother goes into the school demanding justice for her son. She not only drags both boys before the principal but their parents as well. Furthermore, she states that if it happens again, she will press charges against the boys and suggests that they should buy Mark a new bike.

Danny shows true remorse for what he did to Mark and even lends him his own bike while Mark’s is dealt with. David, on the other hand, wears what he did to Mark as a badge of honour. He brags to all about it and uses the threats of arrest to get others to stamp Mark as a total wimp and shows no remorse. However, he gets especially upset at the notion of having to buy Mark a new bike. He rants to all about it and threatens legal action. Cue David’s father, a rich lawyer who steps in and takes the broken bicycle away to repair. Going off track for a moment, Danny’s family is of modest means and is still willing to contribute to a new bike. It is evident that David’s rich kid status prevents him from getting into any serious trouble.

As a result of the episode, David now feels free to say anything he wants to Mark and encourages bullying against him. He sets the stage for Mark to get into a fight with another boy by falsely accusing him of picking on little kids but shuts up very quickly after Mark actually wins the fight. Of course David manipulates that and even tries to escalate a minor disagreement between Mark and Gene Lancaster into a fight. In the years after, David takes great delight in seeing Mark get bullied and even fuels the bullies on. In one case, he tells Mark that all the kids in the school should beat him up and his mother press charges so his father can make a profit defending them in court. This adds to Mark’s total sense of helplessness towards the end.

David is marked as a prime target on the big day. It is by chance that Mark sees David when all the kids are trying to flee his bullets and Mark is able to score hits which render David unable to move. Even then, David still hopes that some sort of mercy will be shown when Mark goes over to where he is laying. He couldn’t be more wrong as Mark unloads half a magazine into him.

Remove the ‘patrick’ from the second part of the surname and replace it with ‘simmons’ and you will have the person who inspired the character. There was an episode like I describe which he wore as a badge of honour. He also made a big stink about buying me a new bike, even though he wrecked mine, and had his rich lawyer daddy come and get him out of it. This person is probably the very reason why I have become what my first wife calls it, an inverted snob. I have a dislike for rich kids. The ones who feel privileged and think they can do what they like without consequence because daddy will always bail them out. But because we are not kids anymore, I would hope that David will see things through different colour glasses and show remorse this time around. Then I would fully forgive.

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