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So far, the bullies I have covered who appear in “He Was Weird” have been nothing in comparison to the one I am about to talk about now. All of them only bully Mark during a fixed length of time or when the opportunity arises. Tommy Allen, on the other hand, bullies him from near the end of fifth grade, all the way through sixth and seventh grades.

It first begins when a smaller kid steals Mark’s hat and Mark chases the boy down to get it back. Tommy steps in pretending to be the hero intervening on the boy’s behalf. He threatens Mark he is going to beat him up if he does anything to the little kid while at the same time, encouraging the boy to ditch Mark and keep the hat. This plays havoc with Mark’s aperger’s syndrome as he doesn’t want to lose his hat but nor does he want to get beaten up. What’s more, Tommy is impervious to Mark’s threat to have him arrested if he does beat Mark up. Fortunately for Mark, the child grows tired of his little game and gives the hat back without incident.

After that, just about every meeting between him and Tommy is a negative confrontation for Mark. Tommy uses every type of bullying against him whether it’s teasing, threats of violence or actual violence. One instance, Mark tries to argue against people who tease him by calling him by his former name. Tommy steps in and informs Mark that his fist says his name is Marvin. There isn’t any escape for Mark, even in the summer. While collecting for his paper route, he is accosted by Tommy and a group of his friends who let the air out of his bicycle tyres. With these and other instances, it is safe to say that by the end of sixth grade, Tommy is Mark’s number one bully.

Tommy seems determined to keep that title in seventh grade. By then, the bullying is much more physical. By now, just about any time they pass in the hall, Tommy punches Mark in the stomach and then says, “Sorry, my hand slipped.” Naturally, his hand slips quite a lot. The other forms of bullying still persist as well. There is one time when he threatens Mark that he is going to ram his glasses down his throat. As a result, it is little wonder that Tommy is at the top of Mark’s list when he plans his big day.

For Mark, the big day couldn’t have started better. Just as he loads his gun, Tommy and his friends come through the school gate. After getting his attention, Mark tells him that his finger slipped before letting loose making Tommy the first casualty of his school shooting. Then, after he shoots as many as possible in that part of the school playground, he goes over to Tommy and puts a pistol round through his forehead just to make sure.

We learn that after his death that Tommy Allen never was a good person. He bullied other kids as well and was getting into constant scrapes with the law. However, since his father was a local businessman, he never got into any serious trouble. It could be argued that Mark did the town a community service by eliminating Tommy. Unfortunately for his father, the lawsuits on account of his son’s bullying of the school shooter forces him to sell his business and move out of Ramsgate.

Tommy Allen’s character was influenced by real life bully Tommy Adams. He often threaten me with violence and his hand did ‘slip’ once or twice although I do exaggerate the frequency in the story. I don’t know about any confrontations with the law but I do know he was in trouble a lot in school. I do mention this in the story. As for his father, I know he was a bar tender but don’t think he owned the bar. However, I can say that he was most certainly my number one bully. What was worse is that he was in my class in eighth grade and with some of his buddies, made my life hell for the month I was in the class. Had I not moved after the first month, I don’t know if I could have survived the year mentally or emotionally. Saying all that, I am still ready to forgive him if he acknowledges and is genuinely sorry for the misery inflicted upon me.

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