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In the week or so that has past since my last post, I have been thinking more about the person who influenced my creation of the Brian Cullen character in “He Was Weird.” It may appear that the instances of bullying Mark suffers at the hands of Brian to be minimal and therefore, the bullying I suffered at the hands of the actual real life bully was too. In my last post, I only highlight two instances but let me tell you that in this particular case, quality is more than quantity.

Reflecting back when writing the book, I know that I didn’t fully demonstrate the amount of intimidation Mark was feeling from Brian. It was overshadowed by the actual physical bullying he was getting from many others. This same applies to me in my own experience. Brian Curran never punched me in the hall or body checked me into walls or anything physical like that. He just threatened to and his menacing appearance was enough to fill me with loads of anxiety. As anyone who has experienced this kind of bullying can tell you, it can be just as bad as actually being hit for the victim.

For me, it is little wonder that Mark gets his revenge on Brian Cullen on the big day. He probably feels patronised when Brian tries to claim innocence by stating he was good to Mark and the response of three bullets would be unsurprising. Thinking back, had I shot up the school, I can see the real life Brian trying to do the same thing. Would my response been the same? It would have been if my heart was filled with as much hate Mark’s was that day. Fortunately, mine isn’t filled with hate and I am still willing to forgive if the real Brian is willing to apologise.

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