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Now we are at the meat of the series about literary school bullies. Not only do you get to read about the many bullies who terrorize Mark throughout the entire story of “He Was Weird” and the possibility of them being given their retribution when Mark finally snaps, you get a more personal look into the bullies who plagued my life between the ages of ten and thirteen. Many of the bullies described in “He Was Weird” were the bullies who made my life such a misery during those years.

Unlike the other novels where the protagonist had one or two main bullies and possibly a few hangers on who encouraged that bully, Mark has bullies from just about everywhere. The one possible exception is Peter in “Nineteen Minutes” because he had several different bullies. For Mark, it was jocks, trouble makers and even some who may not fit neatly into a social group who bullied him. There were so many, that it is going to take several posts to go through it all and that is if I don’t include some of the one off bullies from the story. It seemed everyone thought they could have a pop at Mark and it wasn’t any wonder why he did what he did to get revenge.

The thing is that Mark’s bullies from the book were based on my bullies from real life. I wrote “He Was Weird” because I wanted to tell about my experiences from those three years of hell I went through and only ended when I moved out of that town. That’s another reason why Mark shoots up his school because he saw no escape from the torment he was going through. Thankfully for me, I did escape and it is probably good that I had no access to guns.

As I have been writing this post, I have made a bold executive decision. While I would have loved to name and shame the bullies and the town in the book, I couldn’t have done so out of fear of lawsuits. I realise that I can still be sued on the blog but only if I write something libelous. Therefore, as I examine each of the bullies from “He Was Weird,” I will name the bullies they were based on and as long as I keep how they bullied me factual, I shouldn’t have any problem.

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