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In the last post, I talked about the teacher who bullied Sam Szajikowski and I mentioned that his bullying of Sam had a knock on effect with pupils who also bullied him. I have pointed out in a couple of previous posts that pupils are very capable of bullying teachers and if you would like to read further about that, then read the post: “Children Bullying Adults.” This book “Rupture” by Simon Lelic gave me plenty of material on which to write that post.

Rupture contains plenty of evidence that a good number of students bullied Sam but I am going to focus on the one who got the most mention, a pupil named Donovan Stanley. His name is mentioned throughout the story in relation to tormenting the teacher. The first occurrence is the first day when Donovan enters Sam’s classroom. He immediately begins to disrupt the lesson and encourages his friends and then the whole class to do the same. The result is that Sam is reduced to a blubbering mess.

Of course, there are other instances where Donovan openly bullies Sam. I have mentioned the most notorious incident, the breaking of Sam’s leg during the pupil/teacher football match. However, another horrific case of bullying is discovered during the police investigation. It turns out that Donovan starts something called “The Bum Blog” which is directed specifically at Sam. The blog is used to humiliate the teacher as well as direct personal attacks at him. Reading about all of these things leaves me with no wonder why Sam was on the verge of a breakdown.

Simon Lelic also pulls off a masterstroke in regards to letting the reader know more about Donovan and the fact that he is a bully. It comes when the police detective in the story interviews the parents. The detective discovers that Donovan was accused of leading an attack on a younger boy on the school bus. Donovan denies any involvement and the father of course believes his son but when you read the events that unfold, you are left nearly convinced that he definitely was involved. It turns out the father is no prime example either.

As with the other stories I have covered, Sam gets his revenge on Donovan when he enters the school one morning during an assembly and shoots him dead. Unfortunately, Sam also shoots two other pupils dead before he finally gets his prime target. When I read this, part of me wanted to cheer when the bully got his comeuppance but I know that the taking of human life isn’t the answer and that view seems to be shared by Simon Lelic in the book.

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