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It’s been over two weeks since I last posted and that was down to technical difficulties. My computer keyboard gave up the ghost and since my computer is under warranty, they gave me a new one for free. The problem was that I had to wait two weeks for it to be delivered. Fortunately, it’s all been sorted and I can post once again.

For those who read my series of posts “Do Teachers Encourage Bullying?” may remember in the story “Rupture” by Simon Lelic, Samuel’s biggest bully was a fellow teacher named Terrance or as he would like to be known, TJ. As soon as Samuel and TJ meet in the story, TJ takes and instant disliking to Samuel. Every chance he gets, TJ bullies Samuel. First by playing little tricks on him such as telling him that Friday is a ‘dress down’ day and that teachers can wear jeans on the day. Of course, it’s not and Samuel ends up getting in trouble with the Head.  Obviously, the tricks get crueler as the story progresses.

Definitely the worst effect TJ’s bullying has on Samuel is that the pupils pick up on it and they too make Samuel’s life hell. One way this is done is that TJ tells practically the entire student body about the instance where someone takes a dump into Samuel’s briefcase. He actively encourages pupils to disrespect Samuel and as a teacher myself, I can say that that is a very unprofessional act. The icing on the cake, however, is during the student-teacher soccer match. During the match, two pupils deliberately slide into Samuel breaking his leg. When the two pupils walk away from their now injured target. They happen past TJ who gives the two boys a nod and and a wink. It seems TJ approves of students maiming one of his fellow colleagues.

Samuel does get his revenge in the end when one day, he goes into the school during and assembly and shoots dead three pupils and a fellow teacher. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, the dead teacher is not TJ. However, when questioned about the shooting, several teachers state that they’re convinced that Samuel was actually aiming for TJ when he shot. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he was, although Mr Lelic never makes it clear but this is not a bad thing in the story. If Samuel had shot TJ, I wouldn’t have been very sympathetic to the victim because of his constant bullying of someone who was supposed to be a colleague.

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