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In the last post, it was established that Matt Royston was Peter Houghton’s primary bully in “Nineteen Minutes,” however, he wasn’t the only person in the story to bully Peter. There were plenty of others. Foremost of these was Matt’s hockey teammate or right hand man, Drew Girard. Drew would often join in with Matt’s bullying of Peter and sometimes even initiate it. In one instance, he played the lead role in a bullying incident when he spammed an email Peter had wrote to Matt’s girlfriend Josie proclaiming his love for her. To add further humiliation for Peter, he encouraged Matt to pull Peter’s pants down in the school cafeteria. Many readers, myself included, site this incident as being the final straw which causes Peter to snap and go on his shooting spree.

Back in the early days of Peaceful Rampage, I established the well known fact that girls are just as capable of bullying boys as boys are of bullying boys. Only the feminine bullying is more subtle and carried out differently. Enter Courtney Ignatio. She is the one who recruits Peter’s only friend at the time, Josie Cormier, to her circle of popular kids, thus taking her away from him for good. She also knows that Peter has feelings for Josie and uses this against him. She also uses this as a tool in Matt and Drew’s bullying. Courtney also initiates the events which leading up to Peter’s pantsing when she tells him that Josie secretly likes him and wants him to tell her so. Therefore, she plays a role in the final straw.

There are plenty of other bullies who make Peter’s life hell in “Nineteen Minutes” but I will only mention a couple. First, there is John Eberhard. I don’t recall him carrying out any direct bullying but he often seems to be there when Matt and Drew are bullying Peter. He certainly does nothing to stop it. Then there are the worst bullies in the story in my opinion. The unnamed boys who constantly throw Peter’s lunchbox out of the school bus window when he is in kindergarten. This happens a lot in that first year and while reading it, I hoped something would have been done about it but it never was.

Like with Matt, Peter gets his revenge on most of these bullies. Drew gets shot through the shoulder and though he survives, his ice hockey career is over. Courtney catches one square in the chest and is killed. John Eberhard gets shot in the head and suffers severe brain damage leaving him mentally handicapped. Of course, I wanted to cheer when I read that Peter got his revenge on all of the above. However, I still believe that no matter how badly he suffered, taking lives isn’t the answer. Saying that, I think it’s a damn shame that Peter never shot those boys who kept throwing his lunchbox out the window. If anyone deserved to be shot, it was them.

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