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You could call it a self fulfilling prophecy but what I posted about last week happened again in the days since. While taking a walk through the Gloucestershire countryside and taking advantage of the few nice days we in the UK get weather wise in March and listening to my MP3, my favourite song from the band WASP played. I knew it was coming and I did listen to the first two verses and with this particular song and the title is one of those that you won’t forget, just ask anyone from the PMRC. However, once again foreign thoughts began to creep into my mind and distracting my actual listening to the song. As a result, I missed the guitar solo.



This has been my problem since I can remember. I can’t concentrate for long periods of time. When I do, other thoughts invade my mind and take me away from what I am supposed to be concentrating on. Watching films or television isn’t that bad although sometimes parts of those don’t register and I have been known to miss important parts. One particular instance was the second time I watched “Crocodile Dundee I.” My wandering mind caused me to miss the part where Dundee pulls out his huge knife on the knife wielding mugger and says, “That’s a knife.” That’s my favourite part of the entire film.

That's a knife

That’s a knife

Obviously, often times the consequences of this problem have been disasterous. Some teachers during my school days made my life hell  on account of this as did many other people. The generic line my mother got from many teachers during parent/teacher conferences was “He doesn’t pay attention.” However, many of those teachers went the wrong way in dealing with the problem. The most famous method was to tease me over it. All that did was make me feel humiliated in front of my classmates. I have already stated the knock on effect that had in my series of posts about teachers encouraging bullying. The teacher who influenced my creation of the Miss Erichetti character in “He Was Weird” was the worst for this and it is also why she suggested putting me in the box. Isolating me only made the concentration problems worse. There were other teachers too, like my French teacher in my junior year at high school and seventh grade was pure hell, although the bullying had a lot to do with that.

All of this is more evidence to my supposition that I have DAMP. There is clearly a deficiency with my attention span. Now to head off the counter claim that it couldn’t have been that bad on account of my academic achievements, yes, it’s true that I have gone on to achieve many things in spite of my poor attention span. But imagine what I could have done without this problem. For one, writing essays and lesson plans would not have taken nearly as long nor would I have seen them as such a chore. I would have been able to get things done a lot quicker and I wouldn’t have had so much grief from teachers like Miss Erichetti. Furthermore, many people wouldn’t have gotten the impression that I was ignoring them. To those people, I say that I am genuinely sorry but I also hope they understand that it wasn’t all my fault.

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