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First, I hope that everyone has had a good Christmas, (if you celebrate it) and is looking forward to the New Year. Like with most people, I too spend this time of year in reflection. A very recent event has been the focus of my thoughts over the past few weeks, the school shooting in Pakistan, which happened a few weeks ago. It has taken me several weeks to completely get my head around it and I’m still not sure if completely is the right word here.



School shootings has been something that has often been covered on Peaceful Rampage but it has been the more traditionally talked about kind which happens a lot in the US. After all, my book “He Was Weird” is about a school shooting plus, I have looked at four other books where school shootings take place. In the case of four of these books, including mine, the school shooter was the victim of bullying. Therefore, the reader does feel some sort of sympathy towards him. The exception of course being “We Need to Talk About Kevin” where the reader is left wondering if Kevin is a psychopath but even his shooting is nothing compared to the one in Pakistan.

There was no bullied kid exacting revenge in Pakistan. In fact, it wasn’t carried out by just one person but a group. A bunch of Taliban fighters went in to the school and shot 132 people dead, most of them children. I ask myself, why did they do it? Why did they shoot innocent children? Trying to ignore Western dismissive bigotry by simply saying that they were just simply cold blooded terrorists trying to impose their brand of Islam on the people of Pakistan, I try to come up with some other plausible reason. The thing is that I can’t. Those who carried out the shooting may not have agreed with a local school teaching what they would call decadent Western ways but shooting innocent children will never gain you sympathy to the cause.

To head off one question some might have, if a bunch of people calling themselves Christians went into an Islamic school in Birmingham, England and shot children dead, I would be the very first person to demand those shooters get the death penalty. See, this is the thing that gets me. To quote lyrics from a song by the heavy metal band Megadeth, “Killing for religion is something I don’t understand.”

It can be said that with this shooting that 2014 went out in tragedy. Maybe so, then what should happen during the holiday season is to use the time for reflection and try to figure out a way things like this don’t  happen in 2015. Let’s all have a Happy New Year.

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