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Forget about going out of turn, I’m so damn angry I’m not even going to wait until next week to post about this. Like I said in my last post, if there is anything to do with bullying or other subjects relating to my book “He Was Weird,” I am going to shout about it. Below is exactly what happened.

FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Weeks of bullying a child with special needs escalated into violence at a local middle school. That little girl is now in a hospital recovering from a concussion.

Jean McClung Middle School officials aren’t saying a lot but they do acknowledge the assault took place here at the school. The little girl’s mom spoke exclusively to us and says she wants some assurance the school won’t let this happen again.

Since Sunday 13-year-old Jasmyne McCann has been under evaluation at Cook Children’s Medical Center. The seventh-grader was born with a brain abnormality that results in a learning disability, so the blows she took to the head are particularly scary for her mom.

“I shouldn’t have to worry about that. When I send her to school, she’s supposed to be safe,” Shelly Youngblood said.

The victim’s mother was horrified when her daughter came home from school and told her another little girl beat her up in the hallway. Youngblood went to the school the next day to talk to the police officer assigned to McClung Middle School. She says the officer told her bluntly the incident wasn’t good.

“What you mean it wasn’t good? He was like, ‘well, what I seen on the video was the girl pulling Jasmyne to the floor and then kicking her and then getting on top of her and punching her,’” Youngblood recalled.

The school district denied our immediate request to see the surveillance video. They also declined to go on camera but said in a statement, “We can confirm that an event occurred but because juveniles are involved we are prohibited from discussing the matter in detail.”

The statement goes on to say: “Any incidents are investigated rapidly and dealt with appropriately.”

Now even as Jasmyne’s physical wounds heal, the emotional damage has taken an even deeper toll.

“She don’t want to go back to school. She don’t want to leave the hospital because she knows if she leaves the hospital, she has to go back to school,” Youngblood said.

Jasmyne’s mom tells us doctors are hopeful she’ll be able to go home, possibly as soon as Thursday night, but it isn’t clear when if ever she’ll be back to her school.

So, the school is discussing the matter in detail. From what I have read, a vulnerable young girl was bullied and now assaulted to the point where she is in hospital. Why the hell haven’t the police been called? Once again, we see bullying ignored and then when a major injury results from it, those who are supposed to be in charge run around like headless chickens trying to cover their own rear ends. I hate stereotyping but the incident happened in Texas. I know no guns were involved but there has been a history of a “strong victimize the weak” attitude in that state. I only hope that justice will prevail here and will keep all posted if I receive further information.