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Once again, I must ask your forgiveness for going off topic during a thread of posts. I’m sorry if you expected to read the next post about Teachers encouraging bullying. However, I wouldn’t have veered off topic if I didn’t think it was important and this one is definitely so.

Twice, I have reported instances where bullies have claimed victory when their bullying went unpunished and the victim or someone attempting to help the victim ended up with a sanction. Now I am glad to report that last week in Oklahoma, the victims have finally won a victory.

Protest Outside Norman High School

Protest Outside Norman High School

This past week, hundreds of students at Norman High School in Oklahoma, walked out of class in protest of the bullying of three girls from the school who were all reportedly raped by the same person. Police are currently investigating the rapes but in school, the three rape victims have been victims of bullying. The bullying was reported to the school who failed to take the adequate steps in dealing with it. Therefore last week, the students walked out in protest and were joined by hundreds of parents. From what I have read the protests were peaceful and no arrests were made but it is hope that the protesters got their point across.

The school’s superintendent stated that the students should consider alternative methods to raise awareness to rape and bullying such as wearing ribbons. In my view, that tack might have raised some awareness but the problem wouldn’t have been so highlighted and could easily be swept under the carpet by school officials. Now, under the spotlight of the nation and social media, the school has to act. The superintendent has said that he has enlarged the task for to look at bullying. Of course, he needs to do more but at least this is a step in the right direction.

FFI: http://edition.cnn.com/2014/11/24/living/yesalldaughters-bullying-protest-oklahoma/

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