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Now that I’m am back in the UK after spending two weeks in my native USA, I find myself reflecting on many of the things I got up to over there and feel a sense of accomplishment. Obviously the biggest prize was when I went to the town where I experienced so much bullying and donated copies of “He Was Weird” to the public library and the junior high school where I experienced so much hell. What struck me the most was how gracious both places were in accepting my donations. That was truly my greatest accomplishment while I was there but there were others too.

1. Getting to see family and friends: The main reason I went over to the States was to visit my mother who hasn’t been in the best of health since her accident at Christmas time. While I expected her health to have deteriorated since I last saw her eight years ago, I never realised it had gone downhill that far. Her movement is so limited now that I had to give her lots of assistance with many things. Not that I mind, in fact I worry about her more now that I’ve gone back.

I also got to hang out with my brother and sister who both took me to many of the local eating and drinking establishments around New Jersey. Let’s just say, I’m still getting all the spicy chicken wings and Yuengling beer out of my system. Of course, I also hooked up with some old friends as well. My friend Matt and I hung out quite a bit and did some cool stuff. I also got to see my friend Frank’s karaoke show at a local bar which was quite cool. I didn’t know he could sing.

2. Eating “classic” American food: Not only spicy chicken wings but also the great philly cheese steak and a huge pizza from a pizzaria run by Americans of genuine Italian descent. My sister cooked me a huge steak and when I went to the cinema, I had to have buttered popcorn and milk duds. Then there were things like Cap’n Crunch cereal, ring dings, tastykake pies and fritos.

A philly cheese steak

A philly cheese steak

3. Officiating a high school football game: This was something I have wanted to do since I started officiating games in the UK eleven years ago. It was only a junior varsity game but it was still great to do.

4. Getting Christmas Shopping: I was able to get a great bulk of my Christmas shopping done while I was there. I got gifts that everyone will like. The one problem I encountered was that many stores won’t take traveller’s cheques any longer. Therefore, most of the gifts were bought at one store.

Many things were accomplished when I went to the US  and the things I did’t get to do were inconsequential like drinking RC cola. I did, however, drink lots of Mountain Dew and birch beer.

While I can look back with a great sense of pride, I realise there are many things left for me to do. So, to set a reminder to myself, I will list them here.

1. Visit Jim Morrison’s Grave: I have been living in Europe for over 28 years now and I have always said I have wanted to do this. I definitely need to stop making excuses and go to Paris and see this icon’s resting place.



2. Fly to the edge of space: I have always thought it would be cool to see where the blue of Earth ends and the black of space begins. Maybe one day.

Edge of Space

Edge of Space

There are other things I would like to see happen, two of these I have absolutely no control over and another one would be impossible after the passing of Ronnie James Dio. The other two are:

1. An Eagles- Steelers Superbowl. This has nearly happened three times.

2. Seeing the Philadelphia Flyers win a Stanley Cup. This has happened in 1974 and 75 but not since. As my sons are big Flyers fans, it would be great for them to experience the joy I had all those years ago.

I have much to be proud of, some things to be concerned about and still things I would like to do. I would like to thank all those of you who took the time to read and would like to hear things you have done and would like to do as well.

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