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Once again, I have found something to post about other than the topic advertised at the end of my previous post. I hope none of you work for the FCC. Like with many of the subjects I cover here on Peaceful Rampage, the initial post often opens up avenues for additional posts on the subject. Sometimes it opens up a can of worms inside my mind in regards to issues of my past but the best thing about writing about them is after it’s all done, the can gets chucked in the bin. Well, maybe not in the bin, I live in Stroud in Gloucestershire where they’re very big on recycling.

The same thing happened with my last post, “Unintended Offence.” Not long after it was written, I realise I made no link with my book, “He Was Weird” and that was the whole point of writing it. However, as I reflect on the story, I can’t think of any occasion where Mark unintentionally offends anyone. Of course, in his case, his bullies don’t need any perceived offence to bully him. They just do it anyway.


Unlike Mark in “He Was Weird,” taking offence is a tactic often employed by bullies. In the bully’s case, it can be anything, in fact the victim might not even be talking to the bully at the time. The bully just uses what was said as an excuse to further torment the victim. It is often the case when the bully is teasing the victim and the victim makes a teasing remark back, often harmless and often the case had it been anyone other than the victim, the bully would have laughed it off. But because it was the victim and the bully can’t have the victim stand up for themselves in any way, the bully makes the victim pay.

Effects from this type of bullying can be even more devastating to the victim. Apart from the usual crushing of self esteem, the victim is now afraid to say anything around the bully in case it “offends” the bully who then launches into an onslaught. I am speaking from my own experience from my youth here. What was worse was often times, I got blamed for the bullying I was receiving when it was in fact the bully who instigated it. How to stop it is the question. It is more difficult that it sounds, especially if the bully surrounds himself with friends who are more than willing to corroborate his side of the story. Oh, that’s another ingredient to the pot. This kind of bullying is also often used when an objective of the bullying is to impress friends. What needs to happen is that like all forms of bullying, the pretend taking offence bullying also needs to be moved into the light and dealt with.

Next post: Teachers and Bullying, I hope

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