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Recently my mind has been worse than usual. I have always had a memory like a sieve, forgetting lots of things, but in the recent weeks I have been worse. It’s been a case of forgetting what I call the basic stuff. For example, I phone my daughter every week but this week it just went out of my mind. Another is last night when I was off to get some shopping in, I was supposed to stop off at the doctor’s and make an appointment for my wife. I got in the car with the intention of doing so but in the few minutes it took me to get close to the doctor’s surgery, it vanished from my mind once again. There have been many other occurrences in the recent weeks but they are too numerous to name here.

One strategy I try to use to combat this problem is to write things down. However, if I am in a place where I can’t get to a pen and paper, guess what? That’s right, I forget to write it down. As a result, my anxieties over this are going to high levels. I worry that I’m going to forget something big like the fact that I’m looking after my step granddaughters on Thursday or the job ending prospect of forgetting I have a supply teaching assignment. (Note: I have none at the moment.) Needless to say, the whole thing has me worried.

Now I could probably write volumes as to why this is happening and I’m sure many people could contribute their ideas and for the most part, we’d all be right. It would be very easy to present this as further proof as to why I remain convinced that I have Asperger’s Syndrome and/or DAMP. Again, it would all probably be correct especially in the case where if I am following a routine and some new variable gets introduced into it, I either forget the variable and carry one with the routine or I complete the variable but something in the routine gets missed out. See what I mean?

In order for me to ask for advice, I’m going to have to do something which I consider against the norm for me. I have anxieties about using this blog as a counselling session and don’t really want to go down that road. However, through the Peaceful Rampage blog, I have met some really cool people who aren’t afraid to open up and ask others for guidance. Therefore, I am going to do the same and all suggestions will be taken on board.

You have probably noticed from the post’s title, I want to do a poll. I have four ideas buzzing around my head for my third book but don’t know which one to choose. So, I’m asking you as a prospective reader to choose the one you would like to read the most.

Idea 1: A prequel to my first book Rock And Roll Children. The story is about Bob’s older brother Mitch who serves in the US peacekeeping mission in Beirut in 1983. He is wounded but returns home to total indifference and even intolerance.

Idea 2: A sort of sequel to He Was Weird. A talk show host, in a bid to save her plummeting ratings, holds a show where mothers of school shooters meet with mothers of their victims. Donna Leversee would appear on the show.

Idea 3: People who were either victims or witnesses to crimes are badly let down by the British justice system. They go onto form a vigilante network.

Idea 4: A male substitute teacher works in various schools and impresses female members of staff in more ways than one.

Please tell me which of these appeals to you, it would be greatly appreciated as will suggestions to the other part.

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