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One thing I failed to mention in my post about the role of Samantha Wilton or her husband Harry when I covered her in my last post was the relationship with Gray’s older brother Pete. One of Gray’s problems was the fact that his parents were always comparing him to Perfect Pete. Peter was perfect in Harry’s eyes as he did well in school and played sports, which gave dad his evidence when he told Gray that bullies wouldn’t pick on him if he went out for a team.

This was one very important aspect for me to leave out and I feel foolish for doing so in the last post. If there is a contributor other than bullying that will lead a kid to shoot up his school it’s being made to feel inadequate by always being compared to more successful siblings. The further the reader progresses into the story in Endgame, the more they see this becoming apparent. We can also revisit her inability to stand up to her husband when he went over the top with Gray. It would have been an opportunity for her to point out that Gray wasn’t like Peter and that should be taken into consideration.

Another point about Peter comes to light here. I grew up in a neighbourhood that if a kid got beat in a fight, he would automatically go and get his bigger brother, (if he had one) and get revenge on his victor. Even if the vanquished child had been the one to start the fight. The entire family had suspicion that Gray was getting bullied in school, even if he wouldn’t confess to it. There is no evidence in the story of the parents saying anything to Peter to look after his brother. I know this is something many mothers would have said to their eldest so in that respect, Samantha, as well as Harry, failed Gray.

I just felt I had to say this part as it is an important aspect behind the character of Gray in “Endgame.”

Next post will be definitely Donna Leversee from my own book “He Was Weird.”

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