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That’s what most people say when a child commits some horrific act like shooting up a school. I won’t argue that in some cases it is the parents’ fault but it isn’t always true in all cases. Being a parent myself, I know that it is the most difficult task on Earth. When something goes right with a child the parents are the last to be given credit but if it goes wrong, they’re the first to be given the blame. They can’t win and unfortunately, parenting doesn’t come with a manual. It is definitely a learn by error affair.

It is the same in regards to school shootings. No parent in the universe ever believes that it is going to be their child who one day, for whatever reason, picks up a gun or two and goes into their school and commits carnage. No one says their child is going to grow up to be a murderer. But when it does happen, the whole world is ready to point the finger of blame at them when something like this happens.

After giving thought to this, I have decided to make my next four postings about the mothers in each of the four books I have mentioned on this blog, including my own. I will take each mother one post at a time and examine her, her impact on her child and if she was in anyway responsible for her son’s rampage. If the mother is not responsible, then I will offer a speculation about who is. I believe my findings on this should be quite enlightening and I hope you will all find the same.

Next post: I Blame the Mother, Part 1- Eva Katchadourian

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